Former WWE Champions Paige And Alberto El Patron In ‘Domestic Incident’ At Airport, Witness Provides Details

A recent airport “domestic incident” involved former WWE Champions Paige and Alberto Del Rio, and more details are coming forth about what happened. The incident, which occurred this past weekend, took place at the Orlando International Airport, and a witness who observed it has been speaking about her side of the story. In particular, the woman who spoke exclusively with the online news website Heavy said she did not throw a drink on Paige or Alberto El Patron (formerly Alberto Del Rio from WWE). Here are the latest details and updates on the Paige and El Patron incident from the weekend.

According to Heavy, a witness spoke on the condition of anonymity about what all went down this past Sunday at the Orlando airport. The woman described herself as a professional wrestling “superfan” and gave an account of what she saw happen involving Paige and El Patron. Reportedly, an argument occurred between Paige (real name Saraya-Jade Bevis) and El Patron (real name Jose Rodriguez) from inside a restaurant at the airport and continued on a tram car at the airport. During the dispute, Paige referred to El Patron as “abusive” and also said he’d been “doing coke for two days straight.” The police were also said to have become involved.

Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio in airport incident
Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio was involved in an alleged airport incident this past weekend with WWE star Paige. [Image by WWE]

As Wrestling Inc. reported, the woman, a resident of the Tampa area, apparently had been dropping her mother off at the airport terminal when she saw Paige standing outside of a restaurant near the terminal entrance. The woman tried to snap some photos of Paige, who may have noticed her. Paige was said to be visibly “upset” at the time and walked back into the restaurant. Moments later, Paige allegedly came storming back out with Alberto chasing after her. The woman said he was “visibly soaked in liquid.”

Apparently, the woman was on the tram car with the couple as their argument continued.

She said things continued on the tram when she overheard Paige screaming at El Patron, “You’re such an abusive husband, I hate you. You’ve ruined my life, you’ve ruined my career.”

The woman also recorded some audio footage of the argument, which was posted by TMZ.

At one point, Del Rio blurted out, “Check her bag, she’s got all the coke in it, it’s all hers,” according to the witness.

She apparently pulled out her cell phone to record video of the continued arguing but picked up some audio of Del Rio saying, “Let’s do it, get the cops,” and Paige telling Del Rio, “Just stay out of my life, leave me the f**k alone, I’m trying to get away from you.”

The woman notes that she stayed with Paige after the audio stops and asked if she needed any assistance. It’s noted that shortly after, airport police with a K-9 dog stopped Alberto because they could “smell alcohol on him.”

Initially, the former WWE Divas Champion tweeted that she and Rodriguez had just learned some bad news about a family member and there was a lady trying to take a pic. Paige goes on in her tweet to mention the woman became “angry” and “throws a drink on @PrideOfMexico” (aka El Patron). However, the woman who spoke to Heavy is saying that’s not what occurred during the incident.

She mentioned that the couple was “arguing back and forth, screaming at each other” and that Paige even said to El Patron at one point, “You’re so abusive to me.”

The bad family news is apparently about Paige’s uncle. Heavy indicated that several hours after the first reports of the “domestic incident” involving Paige and Del Rio, Paige tweeted to ask fans to send prayers for her uncle Stanley.

As of this report, there have not been any arrests made in the Orlando International Airport situation involving Paige, El Patron, and the female “superfan.” However, PW Insider reported that a statement was released by Orlando Police regarding the ongoing investigation.

“There was an incident at Orlando International Airport at about 3 p.m. Sunday involving Jose Rodriguez (DOB 5/25/1977) The reported incident was a domestic violence battery, and it is still under investigation. No arrests have been made as of this time, but the case remains open. That is all the information we have for release at this time.”

While Alberto El Patron currently works for the WWE’s rival, GFW Impact Wrestling, Paige is still employed by WWE and is considered part of the Raw brand’s roster. Since two suspensions and her neck surgery recovery, she has yet to make a return to television in any capacity. However, there is a biopic being made by The Rock in conjunction with WWE about Paige’s background story on how she got into professional wrestling.

That, along with her injury recovery, has kept Paige connected with WWE. Despite the fact that she is still employed by the company, her fiancee has posted plenty of rants on social media in which he voices his anger toward the WWE and its upper management, specifically Paul Levesque (Triple H). One of his most recent rants occurred after last week’s SmackDown episode, where a joke was made referencing the fact that Xavier Woods had sex with Paige years ago. In his rant, El Patron called out Triple H and New Day, inviting them to his restaurant for a “meet up” when they were in the area for this week’s SmackDown.

WWE star Paige was involved in an alleged Orlando airport incident
WWE star Paige was involved in an alleged Orlando airport incident with Alberto El Patron (formerly Del Rio of WWE). [Image by WWE]

One has to wonder how many incidents the WWE will allow Paige to be involved in that could tarnish the reputation of the company. While El Patron’s rants are clearly his own anger toward the company, it doesn’t seem Paige has those same sentiments. However, the fact she is involved with someone trashing the company and its workers could end up hurting her career with WWE. As of now, it seems the company is waiting out her injury recovery in order to make sure she is doing well under “their watch” and will wait to see how well they can do with her biopic.

In addition to that, Paige’s safety is clearly a concern if she is being abused by her current partner. One has to hope that WWE will reach out to her with necessary resources to assist her in handling that situation.

[Featured Image by WWE]