Karanbir Cheema: Boy With Severe Dairy Allergy Dies After Student Forces Cheese Onto Him, Police Say

A 13-year-old boy with severe dairy allergies has died after one of his peers allegedly forcibly touched him with a piece of cheese, the Guardian is reporting.

Karanbir Cheema was taken to a London hospital on June 28 after an incident at his school, William Perkin Church of England High School in Greenford, west London. School officials say that staff and fellow students were well aware of Karanbir’s dietary restrictions and that a care plan was in place should he ever require medical attention. What’s more, his emergency medicine was kept in an office and was readily available should it ever be needed.

What happened on June 28, however, remains unclear, but it appears that a fellow student somehow forcibly put a piece of cheese into contact with him. According to the Sun, the students themselves are giving differing versions of what happened, but one allegation is that a bully flicked a piece of cheese at Karanbir.

He then reported to the school that he was feeling “unwell.” School administrator Alice Hudson says that the young man’s care plan was then followed to the letter.

“He was able to come to the school office to indicate that he thought he was having an extreme reaction and they were able to immediately administer the normal treatment, which was kept in the office for his care. Very, very tragically in this situation this was not effective.”

He was taken to a hospital where, tragically, he died 10 days later.

Karanbir’s father, Amarjeet, says he’s been told very little about what happened and that he’s frustrated with the lack of information he’s getting from his son’s school.

“My son had allergies but he was very careful. He had an allergy to dairy products but was good at avoiding them. I don’t how a piece of cheese hitting him could have killed him, it doesn’t make any sense. We have been told very little.”

In the meantime, an arrest has been made. As BBC News reports, another 13-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. The suspect, who cannot be named because he is a juvenile, was taken to jail and then released on bail. Meanwhile, the London Metropolitan Police continue to investigate.

One parent, speaking to the Sun, said she believes the boy who caused the incident should be held accountable for his crimes.

“This bully is old enough to know right from wrong, you just cannot take these chances.”

Do you believe that the incident that led to Karanbir Cheema’s death should be treated as a murder? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Eakachai Leesin/Shutterstock]