‘My 600-lb Life’ Justin Assanti Update: Justin Reveals He’s Been Sick For Weeks, Triggers Surgery Speculations

Justin Assanti might not be as memorable as his more vocal brother, Steven, when the pair were featured in the fifth season of TLC’s My 600-lb Life. Soft-spoken, introverted and a total antithesis of his rather loud and attention-seeking brother, Justin has managed to gain a pretty good following on Facebook, with many viewers and avid fans of the show lauding the younger Assanti sibling for being more responsible and pleasant than his older sibling.

Since appearing on the hit reality TV show, Justin has mainly spent his time focusing on his career, which involved running a small-scale hobby shop in RI. Since starting Hobby Haven last year, Justin has managed to keep his store open. Based on his shop’s ratings on Facebook, it appears that Justin’s efforts have been paying off.

If a recent update from Justin is any indication, however, it appears that not everything is going well with the younger Assanti sibling, at least health-wise. In a relatively recent post on his personal Facebook page, Justin revealed to his followers that he has been really sick for the past two weeks or so.

According to the reluctant reality TV star, he has been ill for over two weeks, and that he has been vomiting nonstop as a result of his sickness. This, of course, has managed to get many of his supporters on Facebook extremely worried.

“Just make it stop. I’m sick of all the vomiting.”

Justin’s update on his health condition has triggered dozens of comments from his followers, with many expressing their worry over his health and even more asking the My 600-lb Life star to seek the help of a doctor. Responding to these comments, Justin revealed that he had already visited a doctor and that he had been informed that his illness was caused by a bug.

While Justin has stated that his illness was only caused by a bug, some of the reality TV star’s followers have begun speculating that the younger Assanti brother might have undergone weight-loss surgery. As noted by some of Justin’s fans, his symptoms, such as constant vomiting and feeling sick all the time, are common side effects of bariatric surgery. One of Justin’s followers even stated that the side effects of weight loss operations are some of the reasons why people avoid the medical procedure altogether.

“This is the reason why I won’t have bariatric surgery. Too many horrible side effects.”

Bariatric surgery does carry several risks, and the procedure is notorious for its adverse side effects. Nevertheless, Justin’s symptoms, such as his constant vomiting, are also indicative of a far less dangerous disease — stomach flu.

As stated by Mayo Clinic, viral gastroenteritis, better known as stomach flu, includes nausea and vomiting as its symptoms. Interestingly, Justin also revealed in a previous post that he fell in his store due to him suddenly getting dizzy. Thus, there is a good chance that Justin might have just contracted stomach flu.

So far, Justin’s last update on his personal Facebook account simply announced the first-year anniversary of his hobby store. Considering that the reluctant reality TV star did not include any health update in his most recent post, many of the younger Assanti brother’s followers are speculating that Justin might have finally gotten over his illness.

My 600-lb Life has recently concluded its fifth season. So far, TLC is yet to announce if the hit reality TV show would be officially renewed for Season 6, according to a Premiere Date report. Considering the success of the show thus far, however, there is a good chance that My 600-lb Life would be back on TLC shortly.

[Featured Image by TLC]