‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Wednesday, July 12, Valentin Pursues Nina, Plus Tuesday, July 11 Recap

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, July 12 reveal that Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman) can’t stand that Nelle (Chloe Lanier) is in Michael’s (Chad Duell) bed after Carly (Laura Wright) fills her in on them getting cuddly at the wedding. Carly tells Bobbie that Nelle will hurt Michael if she can’t stop her. Bobbie decides that going straight at Nelle isn’t a good idea.

Bobbie’s plan is to dig up dirt from Nelle’s past. GH spoilers say Bobbie enlists Felicia (Kristina Wagner) to investigate Nelle some more. Bobbie hopes they will find something that will turn Michael off. Spoilers from Soaps She Knows promise that Felicia warns Bobbie that she’s playing with fire, and this could all come back to bite her.

Trouble in Port Charles on Wednesday

Josslyn (Eden McCoy) is at Lila’s kids with Oscar (Garren Stitt) and Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel). Spencer tells Joss about his revenge plan and says he won’t fail. Joss remains so angry that she can’t stop misbehaving and deliberately starts looking for trouble.

Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) illness continues to take its toll, and new GH spoilers promise that it’s meningitis that is making her crazy. This time, it’s not Sonny that sets her off, but her dad, Julian, (William deVry) when he says the wrong thing. Nina (Michelle Stafford) also isn’t happy with Julian when she finds him sitting behind her desk at Crimson. He says he has news for her.


New business and hot pursuits on the next GH

New General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central predict that Sonny (Maurice Benard) considers a new business venture as he pursues his plan to get out of the mob. Jason (Billy Miller) comes by to see him, and Sonny invites Jason to join him in legitimate business. Too bad Sam doesn’t want Jason anywhere near Sonny.

Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) also stops by Crimson to see his ex-wife, and Nelle chats him up. Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) asks Laura (Genie Francis) if it helps her grief to know that Valentin is gone for good. It looks like Laura doesn’t know the news of his return yet. Also, Nathan (Ryan Paevey) gets a call from Amy (Risa Dorken) and needs to help her out.

GH recap – Tuesday, July 11

On Tuesday’s GH, Nina woke to find Valentin at Wyndemere, and he hugged her sweetly. Valentin told her the WSB dropped the charges against him. Valentin told her the WSB didn’t want the public to know they created the Chimera, so they let him go. Valentin said he couldn’t wait to get home to her, but Nina reminded him they signed divorce papers.

Valentin refused to give up and said he loved her and promised to win her back. Nina told him where to find Charlotte and walked out. Nina went to see Nathan, and he told her about Liesl’s arrest. Nina told him about Valentin’s return and that she’s tempted to take him back. Nathan reminded her to think about Valentin with Anna. Nina still couldn’t shake her love for her ex.


Valentin back, Lulu alarmed

Andre told Anna it was good they stopped before they went too far since neither is ready. They agreed to the friend zone for now. Dante told Lulu that Valentin is free, and he called Anna to tell her. Anna met Dante and Lulu and then called the WSB and left a message for Robert asking why Valentin is on the loose. Also on Tuesday’s General Hospital, Anna got more info and told Lulu that the WSB let him go.

Anna said the WSB is worried the Chimera is a black eye for the agency. Anna said with Helena dead and Alex missing, there are no witnesses and no evidence. Valentin walked into the MetroCourt restaurant, and Charlotte ran over to him. Anna listened to him talking to his daughter. Lulu pulled Charlotte away so Dante and Anna could grill Valentin. He showed them his release papers.

Anna threatened Valentin, Lulu worried

Valentin told Anna he thought the WSB let Alex escape to avoid embarrassment. Dante told Valentin he couldn’t have Charlotte back. Valentin let Charlotte go home with them but promised she’d be home soon. Lulu told Valentin that Charlotte is in camp every day, and she and Dante left with her daughter. Anna and Valentin had a drink, and he said he did a lot of thinking about his past.

Valentin told her he’s grateful that she rejected him and that helped Alex trick him and that led him to his life-changing surgery and the life he now has, including Charlotte and Nina. Valentin thanked her. On the Tuesday, July 11 episode of GH, Anna she said she was glad the WSB let him go but warned him not to screw up with his fresh start, or she’d be there to nail him.


General Hospital recap – Hayden pregnancy crisis

Liz and Hayden discussed Obrecht’s arrest. Liz explained Franco’s absence by saying he’s in Manhattan trying to recover his assets and artwork. Liz said he’ll be upset that Liesl was arrested. Hayden said she feels bad for Nathan, and Liz asked about the pregnancy. Hayden said the morning sickness is almost behind her. Liz took Hayden out to dinner at The Rib.

Hayden had pains in her abdomen, and Liz and Andre took her to GH to get checked out. Andre told her it was just spicy food that upset her stomach. Liz thanked Andre for helping her sister.

Let’s make a deal with Finn and Obrecht

Nathan came to see his mom in jail and promised to look at the case and see if he can help. Finn came to the jail so Nathan could talk to him about the case. Nathan said what his mom did was wrong but asked Finn not to send her to prison. Finn offered a deal if Dr. O resigned from GH and cleared his name with the board and staff at the hospital.

Finn insisted she confess to test tampering, and he’ll drop the charges. Finn told her about the baby with Hayden. Obrecht said confessing would ruin her career. Finn said that’s what she tried to do to him. Obrecht promised to think about it. Hayden met Finn at The Rib, and he said Dr. O is considering the deal. In her cell, Dr. O vowed revenge on Hayden and the baby once she gets out. That’s what happened on the most recent episode of General Hospital in this GH recap for Tuesday, July 11.

There’s a lot more to see judging by the General Hospital spoilers for this week, including Milo’s upcoming return as part of Sonny’s plot. Be sure to stay tuned to the ABC soap to see how it turns out with these General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, July 12.

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