‘NCIS’ Season 15: Mark Harmon Not Leaving, But Gibbs’ Role Could Change

It’s time to give NCIS fans a breather. Lately, followers of the hit CBS procedural drama had to endure a barrage of depressing reports, from those stating that Mark Harmon may not be reprising his role as Gibbs after Season 15 to those reports speculating that the show may be heading for cancellation.

Fortunately, it now appears that those rather disturbing rumors are nothing but speculations after all. A recent report by Carter Matt concludes that Mark Harmon is likely to stick around in the series even after NCIS Season 15, though the report expressed the possibility that Gibbs’ role might undergo some changes.

No Evidence Of Poor Health

Most of the reports speculating that Mark Harmon may not be reprising his role on NCIS after Season 15 offer the actor’s alleged poor health as the main reason. As stated in a previous report by the Inquisitr, the rumors started around a year ago when a photo of the actor was circulated on the net. Harmon was said to appear frail in that particular photograph, which started the rumor mill rolling with some news outlets even saying that the actor’s health could be deteriorating.

However, there is no actual basis for those reports questioning Mark Harmon’s health. In fact, Carter Matt calls the whole thing utter nonsense.

Mark Harmon Still Under Contract

The strongest proof that Mark Harmon will still be a part of the NCIS cast is that the actor still remains under contract. With his popularity among fans, a renegotiation is likely to happen. After all, doing so is to the best interest of both Harmon and CBS.

However, it is possible that there could be changes to Harmon’s character in the coming season. Being a high-ranking character in the series, Gibbs may have lesser field work in the coming seasons.

NCIS Celebrates Being Named The Most-Watched Drama In The World.
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World’s Number One Drama

While some fans might be a bit worried about the future series, all indications predict that the procedural drama will be here to stay. In fact, NCIS just bagged the Most-Watched TV Show in the world title during the 54th Monte-Carlo Television Festival. In addition, the series has consistently topped U.S. ratings with the enviable record of being the No. 1 drama series in the U.S. for the past eight years. Given its success, CBS is not likely to part ways with the show anytime soon.

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