USA Olympics Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar Accused Of Sexual Assault

In an ongoing sex abuse scandal that has riled up the U.S. Olympic community, parents of a top gymnast filed a lawsuit Monday against the U.S. Olympic committee alleging that USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar assaulted their daughter on numerous occasions.

In the text of the lawsuit, which was filed June 30 on behalf of the unidentified family by famed lawyers Gloria Allred and John Manly, the parents claim that between 2009 and 2013 Nassar assaulted their daughter numerous times during pelvic exams. The parents’ account corroborates more than 100 allegations that Nassar assaulted gymnasts through physical and gynecological examinations.

Statements in the new lawsuit, however, allege that the Olympic committee contributed to hiding the allegations and protecting Nassar despite numerous complaints. The lawsuit claimed that Nassar digitally penetrated their daughter during examinations in an inappropriate manner, a claim that has shown up in multiple of the accusations.

Larry Nassar, USA Olympics doctor
Larry Nassar, USA Olympics doctor [Image by Michigan Attorney General's office/AP Images]

In addition to accusations of assault, Nassar was also charged with three counts of possessing child pornography. He is currently expected to accept a plea deal in federal court Tuesday that will include pleading guilty to the three counts of pornography. However, he would not be charged with sexual assault in the deal. Nassar agreed to the deal June 23.

The doctor still faces 22 counts of assault in Michigan state courts, where he has not been offered a plea deal.

Manly, who represents all the clients that have brought charges against Nassar, said the plea deal was “shameful and cowardly.”

“The message that this sends to our Olympic and elite athletes in this country is that you don’t matter,” he said.

USA Gymanstics Doctor Sexual Assault [Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

“It’s important to send a message: When you go the Olympic games and you molest a child, you’re going to get prosecuted,” Manly told NBC News.

The case began in 2015, when USA Gymnastics fired Nassar after “concerns” arose. However, parents complained that USA Gymnastics waited five weeks to report the allegations to the F.B.I. In September 2016, former gymnast Jamie Dantzscher filed the first lawsuit against the doctor alleging that he had performed sexually abusive acts on her for years.

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