Josh Duggar’s Kids Scare ‘Jill & Jessa Counting On’ Fans On Facebook As Wife Anna Awaits Baby Number 5

Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar and their kids 2017

Josh Duggar and his wife Anna have been laying low as they await their fifth baby to come into the world. While there have not been many updates on the pregnancy, Jill & Jessa Counting On fans have been seeing a lot of their kids decorate the family Facebook. However, the latest picture of Josh and Anna’s kids have been causing more drama for the family.

Every time Josh Duggar and his family appear on social media, it causes an uproar in the fans. Since it has been two years since his scandals got the family reality TV show, 19 Kids and Counting, canceled, most of the followers decide to forgive him, but there still are a few that still remember all the pain that he inflicted on his own family.

This time, it wasn’t Josh’s past that got the fans scared. His kids, Marcus and Michael, were featured in the latest Facebook photo post, and it showed them riding bicycles without some of the necessary safety gear.

“Seriously?? No helmets?! Yes it’s cute that big brother is helping but let’s teach safety and avoid serious injuries let alone something worse,” Beth Craig commented on the post.

“I can tell you a helmet saved my life so get those kids helmets!”

Other followers also commented that it’s not such a big deal that the kids are not wearing the helmets, noting that many of the safety gear is typical of “helicopter parents.”

But one thing is for sure. It looks like Josh and Anna Duggar’s kids are spending plenty of time at their grandparents’ house in Arkansas. Nowadays, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar posts many pictures of their eldest son’s kids, as they take them out on trips and let them play in their backyard.

In fact, Michelle recently wrote a post about how nice it has been watching her children have their own babies and to have grandkids among the midst. She commented just how “surreal” it is to see her kids grown up and that “[b]oth stages of life are beautiful in their own way.”

“As a momma, I continue to pray for them always,” she wrote.

“I am so thankful for each of our children and their lives and I love, love, love the addition of sweet grandbabies to our family! They are for sure a major bonus to your children growing up!”

Most recently, she got another grandchild to add to her family when her daughter Jill Duggar gave birth to Samuel Dillard.

Anna Duggar is expecting her fifth baby by the end of this summer, adding one more baby to the already large Duggar family. While Josh and Anna have not been active about updating their fans on the progress of her pregnancy, the fans got a glimpse when the Duggars posted pictures of Anna for her birthday in June.

Do you think Josh and Anna Duggar will be able to take a step away from the scandals when their baby arrives? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]