Marvel’s ‘New Warriors’ Freeform Series Cast Is Set, Milana Vayntrub Is Squirrel Girl

Marvel’s New Warriors series has made its cast ensemble for the Freeform cable channel. This will be a 10-episode series headed by This Is Us’ Milana Vayntrub and Baby Daddy’s Derek Theler. Vayntrub has been given the honor to take on the Squirrel Girl character and Theler will be Mr. Immortal. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this will be “Marvel’s first live-action scripted comedy.”

Four more also join the cast, including Jeremy Tardy as Night Thrasher, Matthew Moy as Microbe, Kate Comer portraying Debrii, and Calum Worthy playing Speedball.

Showrunner Kevin Biegel is indeed enthusiastic and looks forward to working with this ensemble cast as he feels they “perfectly embody these characters.”

Sources indicated that others were in the running for the New Warriors’ Squirrel Girl character such as Stranger Things’ Barb actress, Shannon Purser. Mae Whitman of Parenthood was also said to be in the running. The role was written with her in mind.

There was also a big push by Anna Kendrick’s brother to have his sister play the character. Anna was indeed on board with that, according to Business Insider.

“My brother sent me a Squirrel Girl comic because he thinks I should [play her].”

Edgar Wright even joined the bandwagon to have Anna play the character and Boss Logic drew up a rendition of her in a graphic.


There seems to be a common thing for studio big wigs to find characters that the audience can relate to, and New Warriors isn’t an exception. Senior vice-president for casting and talent at Freeform, Elizabeth Boykewich, expressed just that when it comes to discerning the characters chosen for the new Freeform series.

Most people probably recognize Vayntrub as the salesperson on the AT&T commercials. She can also be accredited for other familiar projects such as Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters and Other Space.

The original New Warriors from the comics was created by Tom DeFalco and introduced Firestar, Marvel Boy, Namorita, Nova, and Speedball. Night Thrasher was added in later. So it looks like Speedball and Night Thrasher are aligned with the superheroes from the original 75-issue line of New Warriors comics, but when the third volume of the series came out, Microbe and Debrii joined the team.

New Warriors TV Show
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Interestingly, the third volume’s premise was based on how their team starred in a TV reality show. So isn’t it quite the coincidence that this too is in alignment with a live-action TV show scheduled to launch in 2018?

Character descriptions have been provided by The Hollywood Reporter.

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