October 26, 2016
'My Life As A Dead Girl': Lifetime Movie---Stolen Identity Of Dead Teen Focus Of TV Drama, Starring Cassandra Scerbo

My Life As A Dead Girl is a thrilling television movie that will air on the Lifetime Channel this weekend for your Fourth of July viewing pleasure. Directed by Penelope Buitenhuis and written by Christine Conradt and Adam Meyer, My Life As A Dead Girl originally aired in 2015. It centers around a street-smart prostitute who takes over the identity of a dead teen runaway who was accidentally killed by her pimp.


Synopsis: My Life As A Dead Girl On Lifetime

When teen runaway, Chelsea, arrives on her Aunt Kim's doorstep years after she left her family and began living on the street, Kim feels tremendous remorse for not stepping up to raise Chelsea as her own child after Chelsea's mother died.

Ridden with guilt, Kim makes up for lost time by trying to do whatever it takes to provide for Chelsea and finally giving her a stable life. One of the first steps she takes is to enroll Chelsea into the local high school. What Kim and her husband don't know is that the young girl in their home is really a prostitute named Brittany who has stolen Chelsea's identity after she was accidentally killed by Brittany's pimp, Oscar Jackson.


Brittany has fed this unsuspecting family full of lies about her brutal life on the streets in an effort to convince the caring couple to adopt her. But, Brittany's plan to pass herself off as a teenage Chelsea begins to backfire after the high school is unable to obtain her previous records. Not only that, but Brittany doesn't fit in at the school, and her new life as Chelsea begins to unravel after her former pimp, Oscar, comes after her. By now, Kim's husband knows that something is up and tries to convince Kim that the person identifying herself as Chelsea isn't who she seems. All of Brittany's secrets are about to come tumbling out after the police investigation into Brittany's death is linked back to her.


Cast Info For My Life As A Dead Girl

My Life As A Dead Girl stars Cassandra Scerbo as Brittany, Keegan Connor Tracy as Kim, Chad Rook as Jackson, Adam DiMarco as Zach, Kirsten Prout as Chelsea, Ken Tremblett as Donnie, Kyra Zagorsky as Detective Whalen, Genevieve Buechner as Shannon, Louriza Tronco as Kayla, Jenna Berman as Mackenzie, Fulvio Cecere as Captain Thomas, Chris Shields as Mr. Phelps, Tariq Leslie as Pauley, and Jessica Storm Smith as Waitress Brittany.

Actress Cassandra Scerbo Bio, According To IMDB

"Young, energetic and passionate, Cassandra Scerbo is quickly rising through the ranks and establishing herself as one of Hollywood's hottest triple threats and philanthropy enthusiasts. Scerbo was a series regular on the hit ABC Family drama series, 'Make It or Break It.' The show followed a group of teen Olympic hopefuls as they trained and prepared for their day in the spotlight. Scerbo also starred in ABC Family's 'Teen Spirit', Universal's 'Bring it On: In it to Win it', Star Trek:Progeny, Neil Labute's award-winning short film, 'Bench Seat', as well as playing the infamous Nova Clarke in a part of pop culture's hit franchise, 'Sharknado'. Other roles include guest spots on CSI: Miami, Hot in Cleveland, 1o Thing I Hate About You, Bad Judge and Baby Daddy to name a few."
Also known under the title Doble Identidad, My Life As A Dead Girl is produced and distributed by My Life Productions, Reel One Entertainment, and Lifetime Television. The movie is executive produced by Tom Berry, Pierre David, David DeCrane, and Stefan Wodoslawsky. Music was provided by Richard Bowers. My Life As A Dead Girl was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

You can watch My Life As A Dead Girl tonight at 9/8 p.m. Central on Lifetime.

[Image via Reel One Entertainment]