‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abigail Gets A Helping Hand From Andre As She Gathers Information On Her Husband

Days of Our Lives fans saw a very unimpressive vow exchange between Dario and Abigail as they were married by Abe. The bride showed more emotion over Chad insisting on watching the union than she did over vowing to spend her life with her new husband, Dario. Deep down, she already knew this was a bad decision, but Hope confirms it when she gives her a warning about the man she is now married to.

If you want to be surprised when the scenes air, now is the time to stop reading. The following will contain Days of Our Lives spoilers.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Abigail listens to Hope and her gut. She decides to do some digging to find out what she can about her new husband. By simply doing a little eavesdropping she gets more information than she was ready for, however.

Nicole has a flashback from the night of the party at the Martin house. She remembers a bag of money and heads back to Eric’s room to find it. Sure enough, the bag of money is there, and it wasn’t a hallucination. She quickly adds up all the clues to determine that Days of Our Lives new bad guy, Dario, could actually be the culprit that put it there. After a conversation with Eric, Nicole decides to confront Dario.

Abigail can catch most of the confrontation between Nicole and Dario. While she hears her husband trying to explain that the money had nothing to do with anything outside the boundaries of the law, Abigail doesn’t believe him. Her gut tells her that he has done something shady and she needs to find out what it is. She makes the smart decision to gather all the info and keep it to herself for now.


Lucky for Abigail, she has a friend in Andre. He has made no secret of his belief that Gabi isn’t the one Chad should be with but rather the mother of his son, Thomas. When Abigail asks for help, he is all too happy to oblige. He assists in the implementation of a plan that will surely be successful with his resourcefulness involved. Andre is known for getting things handled, so there is no reason to expect a different result this time on Days of Our Lives.


Now, what are the possibilities Days of Our Lives fans should prepare for? Well, if Dario is covering for Abigail after she killed Deimos, he may be able to blackmail her to stay married to him. However, what if Dario was the one wielding the knife that was plunged into the villain’s chest? That would be a solid reason to end the marriage and get Dario out of her life for good.

Do you think Abigail will be further victimized by Dario through blackmail? Alternatively, do you believe she will gain the upper hand through her search for proof of his wrong-doing? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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