John McAfee Released In Guatemala, Will Return To United States

John McAfee has been released by officials in Guatemala, and the McAfee Antivirus software pioneer is planning a return home to the United States. McAfee was arrested after he allegedly entered the country illegally.

While McAfee is still considered a person of interest in the death of his Belizean neighbor, he has not yet been pursued by international authorities.

Following his release from prison, McAfee told reporters he would fly into Miami, Florida:

“I’m free. I’m going to America.”

After his release from prison, John McAfee was escorted to the Guatemala City airport by several Belize police officers.

Speaking about his client’s decision to return home, McAfee’s attorney said a return to Belize would surely be a death sentence. According to his lawyer, he has “denounced authorities,” which would not fair well in a country that doesn’t appreciate governmental dissenters.

Returning to the United States does come with risks of its own; in 2000, the United States and Belize signed an extradition treaty that could lead to John McAfee’s return to the country.

After news of his neighbor’s death came to light, McAfee and his 20-year old girlfriend fled the country. McAfee has been accused of killing fellow American and Belize neighbor Gregory Faull.

Before his neighbor’s death, John McAfee was alleged to be working on various ways to combine natural psychotropic drugs. Many neighbors and friends have called the software mogul’s recent behavior unhinged.

Do you think John McAfee should be extradited from the US to Belize to face charges for his potential crimes?