Is This The Worst Dive In Soccer History? [Video]

Gregory Wakeman

Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci has been fined and banned for one Italian Serie A match after he attempted to deceive the referee into giving his side a penalty during their encounter with Palermo.

The Bianconeri went on to win the match 1-0 at the Renzo Barbera stadium, but he was booked after he fell to the ground in the 86th minute. It was an embarrassing fall from Bonucci, who found himself inside the opposition's penalty area and attempting to round the goalkeeper. But seconds later he realised that his passage to goal had been blocked, so he simply fell over.

Bonucci then raised his arms to the air and arched his head back in an attempt to convince the referee, however the official simply stood over the defender and brandished a yellow card.

The Italian international apologised after the incident via his Twitter account, stating, "I had to shoot but I got stuck for ideas. I picked up a caution and set a bad example, I serve a lesson." He now faces action from the Italian game's governing body, as it proved to be his eighth yellow card of the season. Bonucci was then handed a $2,600 fine for his actions.

Arsenal's Santi Cazorla was also lambasted for his dive during their game with West Bromwich Albion on Saturday afternoon. The Spaniard did earn his side a penalty that went on to help the North London side win their encounter. You can check out a video of Bonucci's dive below. Is it the worst dive in the history of soccer? Should Cazorla be reprimanded for his efforts too?