Jennifer LeMay Facebook Video: Cop Shoots 2 Therapy Dogs In Her Backyard, GoFundMe Page Raises $9,545 For Dogs

Jennifer LeMay Facebook Video: Cop Shoots 2 Service Dogs In Her Backyard, GoFundMe Page Raises $8,330 For Dogs

The Facebook page of Jennifer LeMay has gotten a lot of attention, after a video was posted showing a Minneapolis police officer shooting two dogs in the backyard of the house. According to the Star Tribune, the event took place on Sunday, and the Facebook page of Jennifer LeMay shows her frustration as she wrote that her dogs were not charging at the police officer. In the wake of the shooting, Minneapolis police are looking into the matter. LeMay is receiving lots of comments beneath the disturbing Facebook video, which shows the officer being approached by one dog and then another. The cop shoots both dogs.

LeMay lives in the 3800 block of Queen Avenue N, with her dogs, Ciroc and Rocko, and her four children. LeMay has been actively posting progress on Facebook on the conditions of the dogs, who both survived the shootings. The Staffordshire terriers are dogs that help LeMay’s two sons with their severe anxiety conditions. The dogs provide doctor-prescribed comfort. On the Facebook page named Nae Locs, there are three disturbing photos and a bloody video, showing the condition of the dogs right after the shooting. According to the description accompanying the Facebook video, the police officer claimed to feel threatened by the dogs. However, Facebook users are noting that the dogs did not appear to charge the police officer in a threatening manner, but appeared playfully curious.

Thus far, a GoFundMe campaign set up for the family has raised $9,545, blowing past the $8,000 goal.

The shooting happened when one of LeMay’s daughters set off the house alarm by mistake at 8:50 p.m. on Saturday. It was quickly turned off when LeMay called the security firm at least four minutes later. Police officers arrived and didn’t knock on the front door; one police officer went over a seven-foot fence to enter the backyard.

That’s when both of LeMay’s dogs were shot by the police officer. The dogs weren’t taken to the vet right away, because the family was told animal control would arrive to help with the medical condition of the dogs. Animal control did not arrive. LeMay paid hundreds of dollars for the vet bills and faces thousands more for upcoming surgeries for the dogs.

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