'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Star Lil Scrappy Calls Himself 'Hopeless Romantic' After Getting Blocked By Bambi

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Lil Scrappy is not done wooing his ex-fiancé Bambi Benson back. Just days after Bambi blocked him on Instagram, he calls himself a "hopeless romantic," seemingly trying to get Bambi's attention once again.

Last week, Bambi shared several screenshots of text messages and emails Lil Scrappy allegedly sent her, begging to give their relationship another chance. In the now deleted post, via The Shade Room, Lil Scrappy told Bambi that he couldn't see himself with anyone but her. He said that he was willing to do whatever Bambi wants if she'll only take him back, including going on therapy to work on his issues. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star added that he would change and prove to her that he's in it for the long haul.

Bambi, however, claimed that she's completely over Lil Scrappy. She also decided to block him again because she's tired of getting messages from him every single day.

"It's ok to leave a situation on decent terms but this dude wants to play games like a hurt female instead of really trying to get better," she added.

Lil Scrappy's other ex-fiancé Erica Dixon doesn't seem impressed with the way Bambi handled the situation. She posted a meme that says, "3 Things to Keep Quiet: 1) Your Love Life, 2) Your Income, 3) Your Next Move," adding that some people just talk and text too much. Eagle-eyed Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans immediately predicted that this was a subtle dig at Bambi and Lil Scrappy.

Although it's clear that Bambi wanted nothing to do with him, Lil Scrappy seems unfazed in his pursuit. In his recent Instagram post, he called himself a "hopeless romantic," along with a photo of himself holding a red plastic cup. Hollywood Life held that it seemed like another one of Lil Scrappy's less than subtle attempts to get Bambi's attention.In an interview with TMZ's Raq Rants in June, Bambi confirmed that she's not coming back for another season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. She claimed that she would never do the show again, especially with Lil Scrappy. Bambi pointed out that the series fails to capture what real life is because it was heavily edited. She added that LHHA made it seem like their main issue was Lil Scrappy cheating on her with other girls but the truth is that was never the problem.

"Our issues was him just being unstable," she said.

Watch the interview interview below:

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