Epic Heat Wave In Arizona Is Proving To Be A Nightmare For Residents

You know it’s hot when the cacti melt and scorpions start taking dips in swimming pools. Arizona is currently suffering from an extreme heat wave with temperatures rocketing high into the 100s since the last week in May. The excruciating weather has managed to break a 112-year-old record with the thermostat registering at 118 degrees on July 7.

It’s one thing to stay inside when there is dangerous weather, it’s another when you don’t receive much respite while remaining indoors. With all residences utilizing a large amount of power to cool their homes, power outages are possible which would leave families desperate to find alternate methods to lower their body temperature. Frozen water bottles, public pools, and even a Tucson diner offering free ice cream when the indicator exceeds 105 degrees are a few ways that locals have managed.

While summer is not typically a time that interferes with airline travel, the extreme temperatures are making it difficult for planes to take off and land. Flight crews and personnel that work in the sweltering weather are encouraged to take more breaks and to stay hydrated. A flight from Houston was forced to turn around due to the heat wave. There is concern that wheels could explode due to the high temperatures, though airline professionals argue that it is unlikely.

Phoenix heat wave requires lots of water
A Phoenix area construction worker drinks water at a job site on June 20, 2017. [Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images]

Parents need to take extra care with their children and keep them away from the playgrounds during the heat wave. An infant swing registers a temperature of 150 degrees and slides range from 120 – 150 degrees. Minor burns occur at 120 degrees and third-degree burns happen around 140 – 150 degrees. The spongy ground cover is proving to be the most dangerous at play areas with the temperature reaching 164 degrees.

Many residents in the Arizona area have been taking to social media to document how the weather is damaging the unexpected. While some have been proven false, such as the recycle bin which was taken from Reddit in 2016; others are due to age combined with heat. Many common items are still suffering the effects of the long lasting high temperatures such as door handles which must be covered to avoid burns.

Water slides help beat the heat
A young boy cools of at the Wet ''N'' Wild Waterworld in Anthony, Texas. [Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

Transplants are finding out the hard way that extreme winters are nothing compared with excruciating heat. All residents are encouraged to stay inside, drink water, bring oven mitts to protect their hands, and keep their air conditioning units around 80 degrees.

In the meantime, many are driving to the mountains to find respite. Some Arizona residents are simply staying inside between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. which avoids the worst part of the day. With temperature highs predicted to stay in the 100s until September, it is expected that we’ll see even more unusual objects melting in this red hot season.

[Featured Image by Ralph Freso/Getty Images]