British Dad Goes ‘Gangnam Style,’ Dies At 46

British man Eamonn Kilbride went “Gangnam Style,” suddenly collapsed, and died.

“Gangnam Style” has infected nearly every corner of the world culture, and even though Korean musician PSY’s viral hit continues to grow despite his sketchy past, there has now been at least one casualty that we can partially attribute to the hilarious horse dance.

The Sun reports that 46-year-old Kilbride was performing the “Gangnam Style” dance over the weekend at a Christmas party when he suddenly collapsed and died. The father of three is believed to have suffered a fatal heart attack. “We were having a fantastic time at the Christmas party and Eamonn had just finished dancing to Gangnam Style. He was up on stage and entertaining everybody. He said he had a bit of a pain and just collapsed,” said his wife, Julie.

Kilbride’s 23-year-long wife also called him a “loving husband” and a “great family man.”

He was remembered by his son, Jack, as a “marvellous man” who was “really funny.”

So did dancing “Gangnam Style” cause Kilbride’s unfortunate death? Experts interviewed by The Telegraph warned middle-aged men against “violent exertion” in light of Kilbride’s death.

“The chance that you’ll come to grief is very small. But as with any form of untypical exercise…be somewhat measured. Let the lady dance around you,” said Professor Bernard Keavney, a consultant cardiologist at Newcastle University. “I certainly wouldn’t say that people need to avoid Gangnam Style over the holidays. [But] if you’re unused to taking vigorous physical exercise, you shouldn’t throw yourself into violent exertion without due preparation.”

Mr. Kilbride will be buried next Wednesday, December 19.