July 3, 2016
'Big Brother 18' Evictee Jozea Flores Says He'll Never Align With The Veterans If He Gets Back Into The House

Jozea Flores has already decided to whom he'll give the cold shoulder if he gets another chance to play the Big Brother game. In an interview with Us Magazine conducted after he was evicted last Thursday, the L.A.-based model and makeup artist rejected the idea he might align with the returning players from previous seasons who are back on Big Brother 18. Flores did not mince words in his assessment of the veterans.

"I would never. I stay true to my word, and if I felt that the newbies had the chance to get every one of those scum-sucking roadbags out of the house, I wouldn't miss it for anything. I believe in my newbies."
Perhaps surprising given Jozea's early ouster, Flores told Us he didn't think it would have been helpful for him to have watched more seasons of Big Brother before entering the house. According to another post-eviction interview, he also thinks he still has a chance to win the game.
This season, Big Brother introduced "Battle Back," which will give all five of the first evicted houseguests the chance to compete for another chance at the game. Jozea told Entertainment Weekly that he sees himself and his former allies to be at the top of a list of who will come home with the top prize.
"Myself, first of all, when I battle back into the game. Victor. And Paul. Top three."
But anyone who has been watching the live feeds or kept up to date with spoilers knows that Jozea's buddies may soon be following him out of the house. Despite that reality, Battle Back means almost anything could happen in the coming weeks -- and depending on what the competition looks like, Jozea may indeed get another shot. But it won't be for another few weeks that viewers will find out who's returning, as a CBS press release revealed those competitions will air on July 22nd during a special Friday episode of Big Brother 18.

Jozea will be competing against first evictee Glenn Garcia in round one of "Battle Back," and the model expressed regret that he will be fighting against a person for whom he appears to have genuine affection. He told The Hollywood Reporter he will remain friends with Glenn after the competition. He expressed a similar sentiment to Us Weekly.

"Knowing that I have to battle Glenn is a very sad emotion, and I know either way, win or lose, it will be a great honor to battle a guy like him. He's a sweetheart and deserves a fair game."
Since Garcia was evicted so early, the men barely had enough time to get to know one another. At age 50, Garcia was Big Brother 18's oldest houseguest. In his exit interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Garcia said he didn't even know whom he would have aligned with because he was having so many conversations with people.

As for being the self-proclaimed "Messiah of the Newbies," Flores doesn't take that back -- although he did provide a bit of an explanation to The Hollywood Reporter.

"The 'Big Brother' messiah started off as a joke, and then the joke started to become reality. When you kind of have a movement and can motivate others, and you can move people's souls and help them see the danger that's in front of them, and offer safety. Be honest, truthful, and never lie. That's what being the 'messiah' means to me."
As for those "weak-minded" individuals caught up in gossip, as he told Julie Chen, Flores named names to EW.
"I was referring to every single person in the house, except Paul, Bronte, and Victor."
Big Brother 18 airs Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday on CBS.

[Photo by CBS]