DCEU Reddit Leaks Moderators Crack Down On Questionable Content, New Developments Coming

DCEU Reddit leaks mods have taken action on the lack of quality posts involving the current string of DC movie content. Apparently, there has been a considerable surge in questionable posts lately, and now there appear to be categorized posts. Most of these posts lately on the Reddit site would not have a source whatsoever when writing out these lengthy trailer descriptions or information regarding future DCEU projects, so it would make sense to question it.

Moderation team member, DerringerHK or DHK, took to Reddit with a recent update to ensure that whatever is posted is properly vetted. This will include adding more moderator team members to make things go nicely.

“These changes will result in removing doubt as to the validity of leaks, separating meta discussion from other posts and generally making this a more rounded and credible source of information regarding leaked DCEU material.”

For a venue that’s popular for its celebrity Ask Me Anything discussions, this would make sense to create a forum of credibility and not a harbinger of questionable content. According to users of the site, they claim other fan websites have been using the Reddit page as a source of information regarding these rumors/leaks.

DCEU Reddit Leaks
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Certain examples include screen shots of sources such as Screen Rant with a commenter citing “This is getting out of hand now.” There was also a post referring to Gizmodo talking about four Batman movies being released in 2019 for the purpose of celebrating Batman’s 80th anniversary.

Users were basically showing the readers how these sites had referred to these questionable DCEU Reddit leaks. So now, instead of these complaints, moderation will be taking action, and they said to even take notice of a certain “flair” to the site. At this point, it appears everything is under control with plans on the horizon.

Already you see labels like “Unverified,” “Verified,” “Meta,” “Discussion,” and “Doubt” showing on the left side of each post.

DHK said to keep your eyes open for other moderation position opportunities so that they can once again bring order to Reddit’s leak site. As a result, users gave feedback asking if they could at least stay on top of the San Diego Comic-Con event coming up this month in regards to any leaks there.

Reddit’s DCEU leaks moderator explained that there would be more developments announced in the future as this had been something they’ve been pondering about for quite some time.

DCEU Reddit Leaks

When looking up this kind of information, especially if it’s spoiler-like in nature, what kind of categories of leaks are you looking for? If you questioned the nature of Reddit’s content, do you now feel secure in knowing that moderation is now taking responsibility?

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