Victoria’s Secret Models Try To Sing ‘Deck The Halls’ [Video]

Lily Aldridge, Erin Heatherton, Miranda Kerr, and Candice Swanepoel are known for many things but singing isn’t one of them. The Victoria’s Secret models got together to sing Deck The Halls for a new Christmas video. Well, they tried to sing it.

Aldrige, Heatherton, Kerr, Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio and Doutzen Kroes put on some skimpy Santa related lingerie and did their best to sing the classic Christmas song. The girls do a pretty good job for the first 26 seconds but then Heatherton gets confused about when to “fa” and when to “la.”

Heatherton says: “La la la… [bleep], no. Is it fa la la?”

Kroes had a slightly more difficult part but couldn’t decide what to deck the halls with.

Kroes sings:

“Deck the halls of boughs of jolly … Deck the halls of boughs with honey … let’s deck them with honey … “It’s not fair to have a model singing.”

Miranda Kerr tried to have the song changed halfway through saying: “We don’t sing this Down Under. We sing Santa Baby.”

The Victoria’s Secret Models may have butchered Deck The Halls but they got their message across: Go buy some sexy lingerie for Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or New Years.