RED Hydrogen One Smartphone Set For 2018 Release, World’s First Phone Capable Of Displaying Holograms

The Hydrogen One smartphone, developed by high-end camera company RED, is a premium device capable of displaying 3D “holographic” content without the need for special glasses. According to a company press release, the “world’s first holographic media machine” will feature “display technology you haven’t seen before.”

“Experience ‘look around depth’ in the palm of your hand, no glasses or headsets in sight,” according to a RED statement, as cited by the Independent.

Powered by the Android operating system, the RED Hydrogen One smartphone will feature a 5.7-inch screen with the ability to display both 2D and 3D content. An attachment will be needed for the camera to capture 3D video using a special holographic format, dubbed Hydrogen. According to Business Insider, the extraordinary attachment will not be available at the initial launch of the Hydrogen One smartphone.

Other than the sophisticated 3D technology, RED’s Hydrogen One smartphone will come with some serious audio qualities. Current information indicates the device will utilize a process that converts stereo sound to a format that smoothly coincides with the holographic content.

The Hydrogen One isn’t the first attempt at a device capable of displaying 3D content. LG and HTC tried the concept in 2011, but the technology didn’t pan out. In 2014, Amazon introduced the 3D Fire Phone, which ultimately failed expectations.

The first units of the Hydrogen One smartphone will not ship until early 2018, but pre-orders are currently being taken by RED. Two versions of the device are available. An aluminum model currently sells for just under $1,200, while the titanium style can be bought for $1,595.

Buyers of the RED Hydrogen smartphone will also receive a USB-C cable and charger. The device is also fitted with a Micro SD slot to increase storage and a headphone jack. Anyone placing an order early will receive an unnamed “small token.”

Internal specs, such as the processor and RAM capabilities, remain a mystery. With retail prices being what they are, it is probably safe to assume the Hydrogen One will come packed with some powerful core technology with the potential to rival upcoming competitors like the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

While RED has been somewhat secretive on the specifics of the upcoming Hydrogen One, the company has stated that design could change at any time. Additionally, RED has publicly announced they will not guarantee enough supply nor the price of the Hydrogen One smartphone once it is released.

[Featured Image by Sdecore/Shutterstock]