‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Star Kim Dickens Says Madison’s Loss Will Turn Her Into A Full-Fledged Leader

Kim Dickens, who plays Madison Clark in the hit series Fear the Walking Dead, has revealed why and how her character is gradually growing into a leader. Speaking to Forbes, Dickens claims that Madison’s role as a mother is what drives her to remain strong amid all the carnage and bloodshed. According to Dickens, Madison’s ultimate goal will always be to keep her children out of harm’s way, which is becoming increasingly difficult in a post-apocalyptic and lawless world. She even went as far as to say that Madison would do anything for her children, Nick and Alicia. The 52-year-old actress further said that her character’s tragic loss – if you’re not up to date with AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, you may not want to read on, as this article will contain some major spoilers – has brought out some dormant leadership qualities in Madison.

Dickens was, of course, referring to her on-screen husband’s death in the second episode of Season 3, “The New Frontier.” In this episode, Travis Manawa, who’s portrayed by Cliff Curtis, was fatally shot in the stomach while in a helicopter with Madison’s daughter, Alicia. In her interview with Forbes, Dickens said that the loss of Travis forced Madison to adapt to the harsh reality of the world, but she was also adamant that her character has been “a tough cookie from the beginning.”

“I think it brings out more of a warrior and leader in her when she loses Travis.”

Travis and Alicia are in a helicopter shortly before his death

Furthermore, Dickens also revealed that the death of Travis was not only hard for Madison and the other main characters of Fear the Walking Dead to swallow. Apparently, Dickens and her fellow cast members were “devastated” when they found out that Curtis would no longer be part of the show. The actress admitted that she was initially overwhelmed and scared of having to continue the story with one of the original protagonists missing. Dickens also emphasized the personal bond that the actors have developed on the set of Fear the Walking Dead and claimed that the cast misses Curtis “all the time,” even though they still keep in touch.

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“Obviously Cliff goes on to do other great things, but you know we all were sort of heartbroken in part because we’d become a family and started the show from the ground up.”

What’s more, Dickens further teased Madison’s role in the remaining episodes of this season, saying that we’ll get to see more of her leadership qualities. The actress claimed that Madison will have to step up and make some very tough choices for the good of her family and community. This is definitely great news for those who enjoy seeing strong female protagonists take matters into their own hands. With all that in mind, Fear the Walking Dead fans will certainly be looking forward to the rest of Season 3 but will have to remain patient, as the show will be going on a break after tonight’s midseason finale, “Children of Wrath.”

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