'Shining' Flying Saucer UFO Filmed Over Toronto's Harbourfront: 'Black Ops' Helicopter Gives Chase [VIDEO]

A young Canadian couple visiting Toronto's Harbourfront area on Canada Day spotted a mysterious "white shining disk" flying over the area and recorded a video of the sighting. The bright UFO appeared and disappeared several times in the blue sky as if its brightness was fluctuating.

The couple reported the sighting and submitted their video (see below) to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a U.S.-based organization that documents and investigates reported UFO sightings and related phenomena -- including alleged alien sightings -- from around the world.

The intriguing video shows a shiny disk- or saucer-shaped UFO that has what looks like a dark central bulge or a cut section in the center, like a vinyl record, according to Open Minds-TV. The mysterious UFO is shown in the video flying over the Harbourfront area and near the iconic CN Tower. It appears and disappears multiple times as it flies across blue, cloudless sky.

According to the witness, he and his girlfriend were celebrating Canada Day at Toronto's Harbourfront area, when he looked up and noticed the white, shining, disk-shaped UFO in the sky. He drew his girlfriend's attention to the object flying across the sky and both agreed after a brief debate that it was likely a kite or a drone.

The witness proceeded to film and watch the object (see video below).

The couple stood watching for several minutes after the object disappeared when it reached the clouds. They continued watching the sky, hoping that it would reappear, but they never saw it again until they left the Harbourfront area. However, as they watched the sky, hoping that the strange UFO would reappear, they saw a lone black helicopter flying across the sky in the same direction as the UFO, as if trying to catch up with it.

"I noticed the glaring shininess of the disk…and how it was moving across in a circular motion."

MUFON investigators noted that the witnesses could be right that the object was not a drone. Drones, according to the investigators, have appendages that hold the rotors and they move fast through the air unlike the UFO shown in the video which does not appear to have rotors.

Some viewers suggested that the mysterious object might have been a balloon released to float across the sky as part of the ongoing Canada Day celebrations. However, they were unable to account for the ability of the object to appear and disappear. There were no visible clouds, objects or shadows that could have blocked the object from sight.

"Balloons do not appear and disappear as this one does."

Although MUFON investigators were unable to explain the mysterious sighting, the organization warned viewers to not jump to the conclusion that the UFO was of extraterrestrial origin. MUFON warned that the "vast majority of UFO sightings turn out to be mundane objects, but once in awhile there are sightings that are much more difficult to explain."

[Featured Image by Igor Zh./Shutterstock]