More Than 50 Percent Of Parents Hide Their Online Activity From Their Kids, According To Survey

Parents who introduce technology to their children at the early age have to deal with another problem as the children become more adept at the technology. A survey shows that more than 50 percent of them have to hide their online activity from their children.

According to the survey from internet security experts at the Online Spy Shop, 58 percent of the parents admit hiding their online activity in concern of cyber safety. They have to lock down their gadgets because the children become more familiar with the technology and capable of navigating the internet easily.

At first, the parents introduced the gadgets to the children in order to keep them entertained. However, the children become more literate to the technology and are able to use their parents’ computer or smartphone to browse the internet on their own. Therefore, the parents decided to conceal their online activity because of two main reasons, to prevent the kids from accessing unsuitable or harmful contents, and to protect their cyber privacy.

The survey revealed the most common method parents used is to delete the browsing history. While another method is to change the password on the phone or computer.

An illustration of typing on the keyboard.
An illustration of typing on the keyboard [Image by Michael Smith/Getty Images]

Cyber safety is the major concern for parents when their children surf the internet. It is undeniable that the internet has become the best information resource and entertainment both for parents and children. However, a certain type of danger also lurks, which force parents to reduce access to the gadgets, in order to protect them from the predator on the internet that preys on children.

One recent incident was reported in Victoria, Australia, last June. Six-year-old Phoebe was playing a popular online game, which was also taught in her school, on her father’s computer. Suddenly, an image of a naked woman was flashing on the computer screen. She was screaming for her parents, who immediately deleted the image and reported the incident to the police.

Two children use the laptop together.
Children browse the Internet using the laptop [Image by YiorgosGR/ThinkStock]

In order to keep children safe from danger, parents should equip themselves with sufficient knowledge and methods of cyber safety. Watch the following video that explains some talking points of cyber safety for parents.

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