New York Mom, 49, Outs Herself And Young Lover As City’s Loudest Sex Couple

new york loud sex

A New York City mom has sacrificed her anonymity to stop the media from incorrectly naming her adult-age daughter as the culprit behind a lodge of loud sex noise complaints to the city’s 311 hotline.

Brooklyn resident Olga Valerio, 49, is now impaling herself on the proverbial sword by claiming she and her 26-year-old boyfriend, building repairman Byron Perez, are actually the ones responsible for the constant, X-rated racket that residents in their Bay Ridge building have been hearing for months.

The reported racy noises have been so loud, in fact, that neighbors have been calling into the City of New York’s information center in droves to blast the assumed sex partners for their inconsideration for those who live in close proximity to Ms. Valerio and her lover.

“Olga’s fourth-floor pad [on] Ridge Blvd. was named in a 2015 DNAinfo report as [being] home to the city’s highest number of 311 gripes about clamorous coitus,” the New York Post notes of the many complaints.

“Neighbors [claimed] the couple’s moans and grunts jolted them awake at all hours of the night, [and] complained a half-dozen times alone in a three-month period,” they go on to say.

In an embarrassing mix-up, many assumed that Valerio’s 31-year-old daughter, Dahiana, was one of the two who loudly went bump in the night inside of the building.

“It’s natural, it’s normal,” the mother of four remarked to the New York Post about her loud sex noises in a joint interview with Byron.

“I never thought that this would happen,” she went on to say, “but it happened. I didn’t know that we were doing it too loud!”

A bashful Byron would only lightly interject his own semi-apology to the Post for being part of the problem.

“I can’t say [if I’m too loud], I wouldn’t know,” Perez offered with a smile, prior to adding that the couple now ensures that their bedroom windows are tightly shut before they do the “deed” nowadays.

“[Byron] admits that [they usually] left their fourth-floor bedroom window wide open during their wee-hour whoopie,” the Post wrote, “[but] they no longer do this.”

While the couple can appear to laugh the whole matter off, Valerio’s daughter Dahiana told the Post that being mistaken for her mother in this fashion has been anything but funny, especially once New York reporters caught wind of her name and began asking her questions about the loud sex complaints.

“Dahiana says she had only been temporarily staying with her mom after getting into a fight with her ex-boyfriend [when the reporters arrived],” the Post notes.

Truly more embarrassing for Dahiana was the fact that she was “visibly pregnant” at the time the rumor began to spread and yet, that didn’t seem to stop anyone from harassing the expectant mom as she simply tried to go about her everyday life.

“The thing is that people think [I’m a] freak,” Dahiana said of the catcalls she’s received from random men, including one who offered her $40,000 to experience a night with her in bed.

Adding more salt to the wound, the younger Valerio’s own relatives became convinced that she had been sleeping with Byron behind her mother’s back, once the loud sex story made international headlines in the Dominican Republic with Perez being linked to Dahiana, and not her mother.

“[People] think that if you’re that loud [or] if you’re in the paper as being the loudest in the five boroughs, in their mind they’re like ‘Oh my god, she must really enjoy sex.'”

Olga expressed that she only waited this long to tell to the truth because she was scared that the public might “judge” her for having a lover who was nearly half her age.

new york loud sex

“I don’t feel old, but people start to talk, you know?” the mom mentioned.

“I wasn’t sure I wanted to be in that kind of situation at the beginning [because] I was so embarrassed,” she also admitted.

“But now I’m okay with it. I said [to myself], ‘If I need to tell the whole story, [then] I’ll do it [because] I’m doing this for Dahiana.”

Daughter Dahiana, sweetly, accepted her mom’s apology and even found a way to joke about it all.

“My mom and I have always had a good relationship, but not open like that,” she quips about being romantically linked to her mother’s boyfriend.

As for whether she shared her mom’s odd trait, however, Dahiana couldn’t really say.

“Am I loud? I wouldn’t know,” the younger mom told the New York Post, “but I am a very passionate woman [who is] passionate about sex.”

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