No Nanny For Will And Kate’s Baby? Couple Breaks Tradition, Want To Be ‘Hands On’ Parents

In what is being called a “major break in tradition,” Kate Middleton appears to be planning a life as a stay-at-home mom. While royal nannies played a major role in Prince William’s life, the couple are reportedly planning to look after their child without full-time help.

“Catherine and William are determined to be hands-on parents,” one of the couple’s friends reports. “Her parents are very excited about the baby and will help out as much as possible.”

The source admits, “They will, probably, use a part-time nanny to help them out when they have to attend events and don’t have a babysitter, but they don’t want a full-time nanny.”

While St. James Palace spokespersons have not confirmed the rumor, the couple have already set a precedent for doing things on their own. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge do not employ any staff in the North Wales home, except for a house-cleaner who visits once a week. Kate has reported that she “enjoys doing the cooking and household chores.”

In October, Prince William left his wife and Air Force duties to attend the funeral of his former nanny Olga Powell. Another nanny, Tiggy Legge-Bourke, who cared for William and brother Harry, memorably called the princes, her “babies.” Legge-Bourke’s son, Tom, was a page boy at the royal wedding. Another nanny, Barbara Barnes, was allegedly fired by the late Diana, Princess of Wales when William was four because she envied their strong bond.

Kate Middleton, as a commoner, was brought up by her mother, Carole Middleton, a former stewardess.

To support the couple’s decision to be “hands on” parents, William is reportedly extending his time in the Royal Air Force.

“His decision to remain in the Armed Forces, amid speculation that he would give up his military career to increase his official commitments, is believed to reflect his and the Duchess of Cambridge’s wish to begin raising their family away from the spotlight of full-time royal duties,” cites The Telegraph.

A source close to the Duke said: “There is a plan for him to stay in the Armed Forces and it seems logical for him to go to the Household Cavalry.

The Duke recognizes that he has a limited number of years before his royal duties must become his primary responsibility. The source continued, “There will come a time when he can no longer be an active serviceman, but he feels that time has not arrived yet.”

The couple will move into Apartment 1A at Kensington Palace next summer following a major refurbishment of Princess Margaret’s former home.

A royal aide said: “It is their aspiration that when the Duke and Duchess start a family, their children are able to grow up out of the spotlight, with privacy, and live as normally as any other children growing up, and the Armed Forces would offer that.”

Do you think that Will and Kate’s child has any chance of growing up “normally”?