More Lana Del Rey Lyrics For ‘White Mustang’ From ‘Lust For Life’ Appear, Hint At Ex-Boyfriends

As the middle of July approaches, Lana Del Rey fans are on the edge of their seats because her highly-anticipated album Lust for Life will be released on July 21. However, will Lana Del Rey fans be listening to sad love songs about at least one of her ex-boyfriends?

With only a couple of weeks away from the release date, Lana Del Rey has been very generous by giving her fans a taste of what Lust for Life will sound like through social media.

Lana Del Rey has also been teasing fans by not announcing a tour that will go along with Lust for Life.

Sadly, when Lana Del Rey released her most recent album Honeymoon, she did not do an official tour in America. As it turns out, Lana Del Rey might have spent most of 2016 in a behind-closed-doors breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Francesco Carrozzini.

The news that Francesco Carrozzini and Lana Del Rey were officially broken up only became apparent to the media when Francesco became engaged to his childhood best friend, Bee Shaffer. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bee Shaffer started wearing an engagement ring when she attended the Met Gala with Francesco Carrozzini in May.

 Lana Del Rey's tour for 2017 has not been announced.

Although Lana Del Rey never announced they had officially broken up, most of her schedule in 2016 seemed to be spent moving out of her Malibu mansion and into a pair of Hollywood Hills homes.

Despite the fact that she is in the middle of another unofficial festival tour this year, Lana Del Rey has been dropping hints about Lust for Life.

Many of her new songs seem to be following specific themes, and if Lana Del Rey’s new lyrics are a reflection of her personal life, she might have a lot to say about her ex-boyfriends on Lust for Life. Also interesting, these new songs may not be Francesco Carrozzini.

For example, when the two ends of “White Mustang” are spliced together, the lyrics tell a story. “White Mustang” first made its debut in early June in a video post on Lana Del Rey’s Facebook page. About a month later, the first “White Mustang” video clip now immediately plays into another clip from July 6 to form a single “song.” The released bits of the “White Mustang” song begin with the following lyrics.

“Slipping on my dress in soft filters. Everybody said you’re a killer, but I couldn’t stop the way I was feeling the day your record dropped.”

Obviously, if Lana Del Rey is referencing an ex in the lyrics to “White Mustang,” it is unlikely to be Francesco Carrozzini since he is a photographer. Alternatively, Lana Del Rey did date Barrie O’Neill from the band Kassidy before she got together with Francesco Carrozzini.

The rest of the lyrics in the Lana Del Rey “White Mustang” song also seem to support what a personal relationship could be like with a successful musician. While the lyrics imply the beginning of the relationship was exciting, Lana Del Rey continues “White Mustang” with the following realization.

“I was such a fool for believing that you could change all the ways you’ve been living, but you just couldn’t stop.”

An alternate theory is that Lana Del Rey is singing in “White Mustang” about what it is like for someone to date her.

Ultimately, while fans will continue to speculate about Lust for Life until it is released, Lana Del Rey has had a message about what to expect for a while, and she framed her announcement in a way that adds some mystery.

 Lana Del Rey

According to an Instagram post from March 29, Lana Del Rey stated Lust for Life was different from her normal routine because she usually asks herself the following.

“What shall I cook up for the kids today? Something with a little spice? Something with a little bitterness… but is ultimately sweet?”

Now, Lana Del Rey explains she will have a new lens for Lust for Life because of the recent political regime change in America. Lana Del Rey goes on to say that when she thinks about her fans and Lust for Life, she wants to “take the day off and turn down the fire.” Instead, Lana Del Rey says she should focus on sending her fans love “over the ether.”

Lana Del Rey concluded one of her first teasers about Lust for Life on March 29 with the following statement.

“Because sometimes just being pure of heart and having good intentions and letting them be known is the most worthy contribution an artist can make… Because you and the music and this place are my love, my life, my lust for life.”

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