Republican Whips Out Walking Cane On Fiscal Cliff Protesters

Republican Whips Out Cane On Fiscal Cliff Protesters

Saint Petersburg, FL – A Florida Republican threatened to whip out his cane on Fiscal Cliff protesters. The Florida Consumer Action Network, or FCAN, has been targeting Congress House Representative C.W. Bill Young because of his stance on divisive issues. FCAN believes that Republicans should agree to higher taxes on the rich and that military defense spending should be cut. This commitment led to a confrontation that looked to turn violent.

According to StPetePatch, FCAN organized a fiscal cliff protest at Bill Young’s office in Seminole, Florida for Monday. About a week ago FCAN had formed what they called the “Overpass Light Brigade” where hand-held glowing signs formed the words “Rep Young End Top 2% Tax Cuts” on a I-275 overpass.

Amanda Sliby of FCAN issued a news release where she stated:

“We wanted to let Congressman Young know that we expect him to do the right thing and listen to the constituents of his district by supporting an end to the tax cuts for the Top 2% of Americans while extending them for middle class families. It’s time for Congressman Young to stop holding tax cuts for 98% of Americans hostage to protect tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.”

The Monday protest did not go so well. According to Creative Loafing, an argument between Bill Young and a protester escalated to the point that the Congressman grabbed the protester’s arm and whipped his cane into the air, as if threatening to hit the man:

“As the office closed, Young arrived, flanked by St. Pete College police officers as well as staff members, including Glenn. One particularly persistent activist loudly asked Young about his stances, getting into close proximity of the 81-year-old congressman. It did not end well. Young grabbed the activist by the arm and raised his cane, largely looking like he was attempting to strike the protester until both were separated by the police officers present.”

The Republican Congressman is now considering legal action against the protester. A statement has been released by Attorney David Jolly according to SaintPetersBlog:

“As for the accuser who’s pushing this story, this is a young man with a history of violating the law who has been physically following the Congressman for months. In the coming days counsel will be reviewing whether his activities rise to the level of stalking, assault, or tortuous harassment of any kind.”

The Fiscal Cliff is certainly a divisive political hot potato. Hopefully, Republicans and Democrats in Congress will not reach the level of beating each other over the heads with canes. Do you feel that Congressman Bill Young is still to blame for this incident or that the protester deserved to be walloped with a walking cane?