Where Was Mr. Obama's Wedding Ring In Viral Baby Photo?

Paula Mooney

Astute viewers of the viral photo of former President Barack Obama holding the baby of Jolene Jackinsky have noticed several things, as reported by the Inquisitr. Besides the fact that President Obama appears to have more gray hair, viewers of the viral photo also noticed that there is no wedding ring on the left hand of Mr. Obama. Unlike the above photo from July 3, in Seoul, South Korea, where President Obama's wedding ring can be seen on his left hand, the viral photo of Mr. Obama holding the baby clearly shows no wedding ring on Mr. Obama's left hand. Mr. Obama's left hand is also the hand the former president often used to write his speeches in longhand, as reported by Time.

Former President Obama isn't the only leader who has been photographed without a wedding ring. President Trump is often photographed with no wedding ring. First Lady Melania Trump's father, Viktor Knavs, has also been photographed without a wedding ring. Ring avulsions, or injuries that can happen due to rings, drive some people to not wear wedding rings during certain times - such as during strenuous exercises - or not at all. However, there have been times when Mr. Obama has been photographed wearing his wedding ring.

Additional photos, such as the following one of Mr. Obama speaking on May 25, in Baden-Baden, Germany, also appear to show no wedding ring on his left hand.

Unlike photos of Mr. Trump and Mr. Obama that show the men sans wedding rings, photos like the one of former First Lady Michelle Obama below show her wearing a wedding ring.

Melania is also often photographed wearing her wedding ring.

Whereas some people might assign nefarious reasons behind the decision to stop wearing a wedding ring, other folks know differently. As reported by TMZ, Jimmy Fallon swore off wearing metal wedding rings after an injury caused Fallon to nearly lose his ring finger.

[Featured Image by Chosun Ilbo/Getty Images]