Bill Maher Labeled A ‘Racist’ Over Tweet About Koreans And Nail Salons

Bill Maher is being slammed on social media for making a racially-charged joke about Koreans working at nail salons. The is far from the first time the controversial HBO Real Time host has been labeled a racist after making a comment on his live show or publishing a post on Twitter.

“This N Korean thing is getting tense! I mean, I think it is, I’m on vaca. The ladies at my nail salon are freaking out, that’s what I know!” Bill Maher tweeted on Friday evening.

Maher’s tweet was lambasted by social media users because they felt it furthered the stereotype of not only Koreans but Asian-Americans in general, working in nail salons. Some Twitter users even claimed the Real Time host’s tweet sounded like a post from President Donald Trump, the Huffington Post reports.

Neither HBO or Bill have responded to the onslaught of backlash sparked by the tweet regarding Koreans and nail salons.

Last month, during an interview with Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse, Bill Maher joked about being a “house n****r.” The comment was made on the HBO live television show after the Senator invited Maher to come join him on the farm in his state. The racial slur was removed from rebroadcasts of Maher’s show.

Senator Sasse apologized for not calling Bill Maher out over the racial slur the following morning. Not long after the statement by the Nebraska Senator, HBO issued its own apology for the comedian’s comment. The cable network deemed the “house n****r” phrase as being both “inexcusable and tasteless.”

Approximately 17 hours after the live show aired, Bill Maher, too, apologized for his remark. The Real Time host said he uttered the phrase in a moment of live banter and admitted it was an offensive phrase and added that he regretted saying it.

Two months ago, Maher made a joke about incest on his show, the Daily Mail reports. The comedian referenced how a scene would unfold between President Trump and his daughter, Ivanka Trump. He mimicked the first daughter performing a sex act on her father.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bill Maher made controversial comments after the 9/11 terror attack in 2001. The comedian said the United States had been having like “cowards” for firing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away. He also said staying in an airplane as it crashed into a building was “not cowardly,” during a segment of his Politically Incorrect show on Comedy Central. The series, which had won numerous awards, was ultimately shifted to another network and then canceled.

During the 2008 election season, Bill Maher was accused of sexism after accusing Democrat Hillary Clinton of crying to get what she wanted. He said the first thing a woman does during an argument is cry to attempt to get her way.

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