‘Castlevania’ Season 2 Release Date Confirmed For Netflix Anime TV Series: Trevor Belmont, Alucard Will Return

Netflix’s Castlevania Season 2 is already being confirmed to have a future release date even as fans barely had time to sink their teeth into the Netflix anime TV show. Featuring characters like Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, and the vampire Alucard, the Castlevania TV series presented a sympathetic Vlad Dracula Tepes unleashing horrors upon Eastern Europe. Unlike many movie incarnations, this vampire is only lashing out at humanity after his wife Lisa is killed by a power-hungry Church bishop. Unfortunately, the first season ended in only four episodes, but the good news is that the second season of Castlevania will be much longer.

Showrunner Adi Shankar (who is well known for the unofficial Power Rangers short film released in 2015) is working with comic book writer Warren Ellis (Planetary) and executive producer Fred Seibert (Adventure Time). The team has been pretty excited about the Netflix Castlevania TV series. Comparing the TV show to Game Of Thrones, Shankar also wanted the Castlevania anime to be as violent as popular works like Akira and Ghost in the Shell.

Based on the first four episodes, it’s obvious they pulled off that goal. Shankar also went so far as to claim Castlevania will “be the western world’s first good video game adaptation.”

“I’m personally guaranteeing that this is going to be the best f***ing video game adaptation ever made to date,” Shankar told Collider. “I’ve seen it, and it’s f***ing amazing…. Sometimes you work with them officially, like Konami, you make Castlevania and it’s the real thing. Then sometimes you just go off on your own and say, ‘You know what? F*** it. We’re just making our own thing.'”

Castlevania Season 2 Release Date

As of this publishing, Netflix has not announced anything official about the exact Castlevania Season 2 release date. On Twitter, writer Warren Ellis did tweet out that the renewal is confirmed, but did not specify a time frame. However, there can be reasonable speculation about when the Castlevania Season 2 air date may occur.

Before the release of the first four episodes, Adi Shankar’s Facebook page actually claimed the Castlevania Season 2 release date would be in 2018. The Facebook post has since been deleted, so it’s possible Netflix’s plans have changed or Shankar simply was not supposed to share this information. Otherwise, the number of episodes for Castlevania Season 2 is said to be double of the first season (eight episodes).

It’s also possible that other recently announced projects may have slightly delayed Castlevania Season 2. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Adi Shankar will be working on the Netflix Assassin’s Creed anime and it’s unknown whether this production will impact the second season of Netflix’s Castlevania TV series.

Castlevania Season 2 Spoilers Based On The Video Games

The Belmont clan’s battle with Dracula has been ongoing for centuries and in Netflix’s Castlevania, Trevor Belmont is the last remaining member of his family. Warren Ellis wrote the entire script by himself and it’s obvious he borrowed elements of the video games. Konami’s Castlevania: Symphony of the Night had Richter Belmont confronting and defeating Count Dracula. The Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow game rebooted the Castlevania story by putting players in control of Gabriel Belmont.

The holy knight’s wife was brutally murdered by supernatural creatures and a dark spell has stopped souls from going to heaven. Gabriel confronts both Satan and a group called the Lords of Shadow, but in order to enter another realm, he’s forced to drink blood and become a vampire himself. Thus, by a twist of fate, a Belmont becomes Lord Dracula. This version of Dracula is actually the main protagonist and seeks to destroy Satan. He also has a human son named Trevor Belmont who is killed and resurrected as Alucard.

Castlevania Alucard vs Trevor Belmont
[Image by Netflix/Castlevania]

But it’s the much older Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse video game which inspired the Netflix Castlevania TV series. Set in Wallachia, the Pope turns to Trevor Belmont after Church troops are unable to quell Dracula’s forces. Similar to the anime, the Belmont family is feared by society for their powers, but in the game series, the family was not outright excommunicated. Hopefully, Trevor will throw a wooden cross like a boomerang in Castlevania Season 2.

The anime added a new twist with the addition of the Speakers, but the Castlevania character Sypha Belnades is otherwise very similar to her video game counterpart. In both versions of the story, Sypha disguised herself as a man and she was also turned into a statue by a cyclops.

The half-vampire Alucard is also in the video game and, just like in the anime, Dracula’s son disagrees with his father’s actions. The duel between Alucard and Trevor was also a major story point, although the game made the point that Alucard had spared the vampire hunter from his full strength.

Castlevania Grant DaNasty Manual
Grant DaNasty as depicted in the original video game manual. [Image by Konami/ Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse]

The only major Castlevania cast member that’s still missing in action is the former pirate captain Grant DaNasty. If the anime continues to follow the video game’s story, the noble thief should show up in Castlevania Season 2 as a demon in a clocktower. Grant was a member of a resistance cell in Wallachia that met a gruesome end at the hands of Dracula. When Trevor manages to defeat Grant’s demonic form, the rebel returns to being human and joins the three vampire hunters.

It’s possible Grant has been written out of the story. The current voice cast does not list any actor for Grant DaNasty so we’ll just have to wait and see. The rest of Castlevania Season 2 should focus on the main characters marching on Dracula’s throne room in the castle. It will be interesting to see how the anime adapts the story and whether the ending of the finale episode hints at more to come.

Castlevania Season 3 Could Follow Castlevania: Curse Of Darkness

Warren Ellis made a good call by starting with the plot of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse rather than beginning with the first video game. The original Castlevania actually takes place 100 years later since it’s a prequel and Trevor Belmont is the ancestor of Simon Belmont. Castlevania: Curse Of Darkness is set three years after Castle Dracula is destroyed and thus would make the perfect source material for Castlevania Season 3.

Although Wallachia finds relative prosperity after Dracula is defeated, the land is still facing disasters like poverty and famine. Trevor realized something is not right and notices that bad phenomenon seem to be more common close to the ruins of Dracula’s castle. Upon investigating, he hears rumors of a cult of a Dracula worshipers and runs into a man named Hector, a former Devil Forgemaster who had defected from Dracula’s army over three years earlier.

Castlevania Hector
Hector, the former general of Dracula. [Image by Konami/Castlevania: Curse Of Darkness]

Hector had been living a peaceful life but another former general of Dracula conspired to kill Hector’s wife, Rosaly. This other Devil Forgemaster spread rumors that Rosaly was selling poisonous rumors and so the townsfolk burned her at the stake as a witch.

Both Hector and Trevor are investigating the same man but, eventually, they realize that the enemy is trying to resurrect Dracula’s Castle. It’s possible these events will be covered within the eight episodes of Castlevania Season 2, which would mean the third season would focus on Simon Belmont and the original Castlevania. Regardless of how the Castlevania story is presented, Netflix viewers are in for a wild ride!

[Featured Image by Netflix/Castlevania]