President Obama And Baby Selfie: Jolene Jackinsky’s Facebook Photo Proves Obama’s Hair Has Gone Gray


If there is one thing that has changed about former President Barack Obama, as seen in photos throughout this article, it is that Mr. Obama’s hair has gone gray. Jolene Jackinsky made the world aware of that fact when the Alaskan mother’s smartphone photos with Mr. Obama holding her 6-month-old baby daughter went viral recently. Jackinsky was hanging out at Anchorage International Airport on Monday, July 3, when Jolene was approached by the unlikeliest of travelers: Former President Barack Obama – a former president who ended up holding Jackinsky’s baby for an epic selfie.

According to Yahoo, Jackinsky was seeking an airline and ran into Mr. Obama inside a waiting area at the airport for travelers taking private flights. Jolene thought that the man before her favored Mr. Obama, and as Jackinsky got closer, she realized it actually was Mr. Obama.

Instead of approaching him, Jolene was approached by Mr. Obama and asked who the pretty girl was traveling with Jackinsky. Jolene was en route to a vacation in Newhalen, a small Alaskan village. Mr. Obama spoke with Jolene about children growing up quickly, with former President Obama even picking up baby Giselle while Jackinsky snapped photos of the trio with big smiles.

Mr. Obama joked that he was going to take baby Giselle, who donned a straw hat decorated with a white ribbon, when the baby girl’s dad approached. In reality, Mr. Obama was on his way home from a vacation, according to Jackinsky. Although officials at the airport did not confirm with Yahoo that Mr. Obama made a stop at the airport, the photos of the former president holding baby Giselle have been shared plenty of times on social media.

Jolene posted the photo of Mr. Obama and Giselle on Facebook, and that’s when Jackinsky’s photo went viral. Baby Giselle was happy and content during her impromptu meeting with Mr. Obama, according to Jackinsky, who said that although they only met for about five minutes, it is a Facebook photo that will last forever.

The Facebook page named Jolene Jackinsky last updated her profile picture on January 6 and is private as of this writing.

“I think it’s unreal and pretty exciting that I get to have a picture with him and my baby. Not a lot of people get to meet him.”

Former First Lady Michelle Obama did not appear in the photos with the baby.

[Featured Image by Achmad Ibrahim/AP Images]