Demi Lovato Posts Fake Nude Pic On Twitter, Begs For Attention

Demi Lovato would really appreciate it if you paid more attention to her. The X Factor judge recently posted a fake nude photo of herself on Twitter.

According to the Huffington Post, Lovato sent out a fake message to her 10.7 million followers claiming that her account had been hacked.

Demi wrote a few messages on Twitter trying to pique the interest of her fans.

Demi wrote: “Demi’s twitter is hacked … #hacked. Want to see Demi naked? Here it is…”

But instead of posting a nude photo of Demi Lovato, the singer posted a photoshopped image of her face on a naked Barbie doll.

Lovato wrote on the photo:

“BAHAHAHAHA!!! Gotcha ;) hehehe. Hahahahahahhaha I’m sorry y’all… But I had to… GOTCHA!!