Tiny Harris Hesitant Over T.I. Divorce, Reportedly Crying Over Life After Ending Marriage Post-Cheating Affair

Tiny Harris is so unsure about her divorce from T.I., she’s reportedly crying in her bed uncontrollably on many given days, it’s been reported.

The singer, who filed for divorce back in December, has been so confused as to how to move forward with her life because, according to Hollywood Life, she certainly still has feelings for the rapper but she doesn’t want to be hurt again.

At the time of the divorce filing, it was claimed that Tiny Harris has caught her husband cheating on her with several women.

Another report suggested that Tiny Harris and T.I. shared an open marriage, but as more women entered the “Whatever You Like” star’s life, Tiny Harris no longer saw the importance in being married, let alone being in a relationship with her man.

Regardless of whether the twosome shared an open relationship or not, things became too much for Tiny Harris and she made the move to split from her estranged husband for good.

Now that half a year has gone by, the 41-year-old feels uncertain about divorcing her teenage lover, especially since he’s shown her signs that he would want to reconcile with her if she was to give him another chance.

The only problem is that Tiny Harris can’t work out whether he’s being serious or not.

Hollywood Life adds by saying that T.I. is showing her mixed signs that he wants to make it work between the two and then his mood changes and he’s a completely different person.


The consistent back and forth has left Tiny Harris with such a bad attitude, she refrains from doing anything but cries over her future, simply because she’s so puzzled as to how to move on from this situation.

Calling off the divorce is a big move, especially if T.I. is going to make drastic changes in his life that fit Tiny Harris’ needs.

Sources explain that she’s concerned about the idea of calling off the divorce to only find herself being cheated on again. Tiny Harris has had enough, but at the same time, she doesn’t want to give up the long-lasting romance she’s shared with T.I.

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