Joseline Hernandez Drug Addict Claims Made By K. Michelle Amid ‘LHHATL’ Feud With Mona Scott-Young

Joseline Hernandez has found herself feuding with former friend, K. Michelle, in the midst of being caught up in her ongoing drama concerning Mona Scott-Young.

According to Hollywood Life, Joseline Hernandez made quite the snarky comment on K. Michelle’s Instagram photo after posting up a picture of herself with Mona and friends dining at her recently-opened restaurant in Atlanta.

“When y’all have to clique up. Lol y’all knows what’s good. Check yourself before you break yourself. I’m in your hood,” Joseline Hernandez wrote in the comment section, making it known that she was clearly bothered by the get-together.

Joseline and Mona have reportedly been going back and forth for weeks because, according to Hernandez, the executive producer of the franchise owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to the self-proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess.

Without her appearance on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Joseline Hernandez says that the show will fall apart and the ratings would instantly fall, which is why Mona should “pay me what you owe me,” the TV star explained on Instagram earlier this month.

Starting a feud with K. Michelle probably wasn’t a wise idea. The “Can’t Raise A Man” songstress caught wind of the comments made by Joseline Hernandez, and it didn’t take long for the war to reach its full potential with insults being thrown from left to right.

K. Michelle alleges that Joseline Hernandez is a drug addict who regularly abuses the substance of cocaine, which she supposedly brought to a taping of The Real with her, Hip-HopVibe quotes the star.

Forever young

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The 33-year-old goes on to say that instead of Joseline Hernandez focusing her attention on things that shouldn’t concern her, she should be worrying about her daughter, Bella, who is currently caught in the mix of a nasty custody battle with her father, Stevie J.

The music producer is actively said to be seeking full child support of his daughter, making similar claims as K. Michelle, stressing that Joseline Hernandez is an unfit parent and should take an immediate drug test to prove to the judge that she’s as sober as she claims to be.

Of course, Stevie J thinks that Joseline would stand no chance of coming out with clean results.

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