‘Alaskan Bush People’ Update: Ami Brown’s Illness Keeps Brown Family Closer, Matt Doing Better After Accident

The latest episode of Alaskan Bush People has got fans and viewers worried, which adds to their concerns over the Brown family, especially following last week’s revelation about Ami Brown’s illness. Since the episodes from the Discovery Channel reality series are filmed in advance, many fans are wondering how the Brown family is doing at the moment. How is Ami coping with her diagnosis? Will Matt survive from his accident?

Alaskan Bush People updates show that the Brown family is trying to cope well after being hit with one problem after another. In the latest episode of the reality show airing on Discovery Channel, viewers saw Matt suffer from an accident and the episode left viewers with a lot of questions surrounding his current condition. One thing to appreciate about the show, however, is the fact that the current episodes were filmed months prior to their airdates, which means that several updates can be seen through photos online.

Discovery Channel has already reassured viewers that Matt is recovering well after his accident. A more recent photo of Matt in the lower 48 also showed him unscathed, making fans relieved that they have one less member of the Brown family to worry about.

While fans can let out a sigh of relief over Matt’s current condition, the same could not be said for Ami, whose lung cancer diagnosis was recently revealed in the previous episode of Alaskan Bush People. Many fans have been sending in their heartfelt messages for the Brown family to show their support and hopes for them to overcome this obstacle together.

Recent photos of the Brown family in the lower 48 have also shown how much stronger and closer they have come together since Ami’s condition was revealed on Alaskan Bush People. Per People, the Alaskan Bush People moved from the wilderness to the lower 48 to give Ami the care and support that she needs. This has been a difficult decision for the family, but they would do whatever it takes to get Ami healthy again.

A more recent photo of Ami together with Billy was also released online. Ami’s subtle smile in the photo was enough to keep Alaskan Bush People fans hopeful that her condition is getting better. Many fans continue to express their love and support for the Brown family in this difficult time, with several fans sending in letters to the family.

[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]