Emma Stone Talks About Gender Equality After Andrew Garfield Said He’s A Gay Man

Just a day after Andrew Garfield claimed that he was a gay man, his ex-girlfriend Emma Stone appeared on the cover of OUT magazine where he made the revelation. Is this her way of showing support to her former lover who made some members of the LGBT community upset because of his remarks?

The Hollywood heartthrob, sort of, came out of the closet during a recent panel discussion about his role. He currently stars as Prior Walter, a young New Yorker living with AIDS, in Angels in America. Garfield revealed how he prepared for his role as a gay man.

“Every Sunday I would have eight friends over and we would just watch Ru,” Andrew said. “I mean every single series of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I mean every series. This is my life outside of this play. I am a gay man right now just without the physical act—that’s all.”

After probably realizing that he may get into a controversy because of his remarks, Andrew was quick to confirm that he is not gay. The 33-year-old actor, though, admitted that he may have an awakening later in his life, which he is willing to explore and thinks will be wonderful. However, he claimed that he is secluded to his area right now which he also said is wonderful.

Andrew Garfield gay comment
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Andrew Garfield’s “I am gay man” scandal pi**ed off many people, and Daily Beast thinks that was 2017’s dumbest controversy. According to Kevin Fallon, the actor was just joking when he made the gay remarks, but people took it seriously. The writer thinks that Garfield’s only mistake was answering a serious question with a joke.

“We groaned when we read it. You should, too. A dumb, dumb, dumb, insufferable thing to say,” he wrote. “Something this inane and well-intentioned should not beget the kind of controversy that has been all over our timelines and newsfeeds for the last two days.”

Emma Stone, on the other hand, was able to give a very wise comment regarding gender equality during her interview with OUT magazine. The 28-year-old actress plays lesbian tennis superstar Billie Jean King in Battle of the Sexes, which is scheduled for release in September.

“It’s not about, ‘Women are this and men are that.’ It is, ‘We are all the same, we are all equal, we all deserve the same respect and the same rights,'” Stone said. “And that’s really what I’ve been so grateful for with male co-stars—when I’ve been in a similar-size role in films, and it’s been multiple people who have been really incredible and said, ‘That’s what I want to do. That’s what’s fair and what’s right.'”

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield
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This isn’t the first time that Andrew Garfield got into controversy because of his gay remarks. A few years ago, the actor was asked about the possibility of Spider-Man engaging in a gay biracial romance. He told Entertainment Weekly that he had a philosophical discussion with the Amazing Spider-Man 2 producer Matt Tolmach about Mary Jane being a man and Peter Parker exploring his sexuality.

Andrew’s comment inspired one attendee at Comic-Con, who is a gay Asian-American. The attendee asked him if he had difficulty declaring his stance on controversial issues. The audience cheered him as he answered the question.

“Spider-Man stands for everybody: black, white, Asian, gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual,” Garfield said. “To me, love between two consenting adults is love. To me, that anyone would bat an eyelash at what I said is interesting.”

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone seem comfortable talking about sexuality and gender equality. He may not have won an award at the Golden Globes 2017 unlike his ex-girlfriend Emma who took home Best Actress in a Musical, but he stole the spotlight that night because of his kiss with Ryan Reynolds. During an interview with Stephen Colbert, Andrew explained why he kissed the Deadpool star.

“I just wanted Ryan to know that I loved him no matter whether he won or lost,” he joked with the host. “It doesn’t matter, it’s how you play the game. He showed up, he gave his all, it doesn’t change anything in my heart.”

Colbert asked Garfield if he is comfortable kissing other men, which led to the two making out on the show. Watch their steamy kiss below.

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