‘Alien UFO’ Being Towed On The Back Of A Truck Sparks Conspiracy Theory Speculation [Video]

Alien hunters were thrown into excitement once again following the emergence of a video allegedly showing a flying saucer UFO being towed on the back of a truck on a highway in broad daylight. UFO conspiracy theorists argued that the video suggests that an alien UFO crashed recently at an undisclosed site and that the authorities have come into possession of yet another piece of alien technology.

But skeptics laughed off the latest UFO frenzy, saying it was ridiculous to suppose that Men in Black operatives would tow a real alien craft from a crash site to Area 51 on a major highway in the daytime. Others pointed out that there was no reason to suppose that the disc-shaped object was a piece of alien technology. It could have been a movie prop or some other device that just happened to be disc-shaped, skeptics argued.

One skeptic suggested that the object could be something as mundane as a silo cap.

The video showing a disc-shaped object being towed on a flatbed truck was uploaded to YouTube on July 1, 2016, by online UFO hunter Noe Arca. The video claims to show a "real UFO," a large disc-shaped object being transported on a truck on a major highway.

Despite the fact that the video offered no evidence to support the suggestion, alien hunters began speculating that the dish was an alien craft recovered from a UFO crash site and that it was being transported to a secret base.

Although the video gives no information about the location, some enthusiasts suggested that the truck was probably driving towards Area 51, the top-secret government military base in the Nevada desert where black project conspiracy theorists claim that the U.S. government is keeping alien spacecraft in secret hangars.

Comments by UFO blogger Scott Waring uploaded to his controversial blog UFO Sightings Daily reflect ongoing speculation in UFO conspiracy theory circles that government may have come into possession of a new piece of advanced alien technology.

Waring speculated that the truck driver was driving fast because top officials were waiting to see the UFO and he did not want to keep them waiting.

"This UFO was being hauled by a really run down semi-truck," Waring wrote. "The driver is in a hurry."

"... having a UFO on your trailer and government officials waiting for it... it's no wonder why he is moving so fast."
He suggested it was also possible that a local farmer found a crashed UFO on his farm and loaded it on a truck for transportation to a local military base so experts can have a look at it.

"Then again, maybe some guy found this landed on his farm and he just wanted to load it up on one of his trucks and take it to the local Air Force Base to have them check it out," he wrote.

But several members of the UFO community were unimpressed and refused to participate in the fanciful speculation over a nondescript disc-shaped object being towed to an unknown destination that someone chanced upon while driving on a highway.

"You would have thought if it was a top secret transportation they would have covered it up or chosen a quieter route," Express reports a viewer commented.

"This clearly is a prop for a movie. Independence Day Resurgence just released comes to mind," another said.

A third viewer suggested it could have been a silo cap.

"A photo from the left side would've shown the underside to make sure it isn't a silo cap," the viewer commented.

A fourth viewer complained that "fake stuff" being palmed off to the public as "real UFOs" was "taking credit away from the real stuff."

"Please check these videos before putting them up," the viewer advised.

This is not the first time that alien hunters have indulged in madcap speculation after an image showing a flatbed truck towing a disc-shaped object surfaced online. Alien hunters engaged in frenzied speculation earlier in March when a photo emerged showing a truck -- escorted by black Department of Public Safety (DPS) vehicles -- transporting a saucer-shaped object draped in tarpaulin on an Arizona highway.

"I was driving north and the truck was headed south to the freeway. It was escorted by three DPS vehicles."
The photo went viral online, sparking excited speculation. The interest shown in the object caused the local station KPHO/KTVK to make inquiries about the object with the DPS.

A spokesperson for the DPS gave an answer the media described as a "cryptic response."

"Unfortunately we do not know what that is but it looks interesting," the DPS spokesperson reportedly answered.

The teasing response reignited wild speculation, with UFO hunters alleging that the official response proved the truck was transporting a "crashed UFO" to Area 51.

[Image via Marco Bicci/Shutterstock.com]