12-12-12 A Good Gamble For Vegas Chapel Weddings

Las Vegas, NV – Many Las Vegas quickie wedding chapels feel that 12-12-12 is a good gamble on improving their luck. Las Vegas features high unemployment but is also suffering from a serious love recession. According to the Associated Press, Sin City’s wedding businesses hope that December 12, 2012 will be a great money-making opportunity since for many the real meaning of 12-12-12 is love.

While Las Vegas is still well-known for its quickie weddings and elopement opportunities, business revenue has fallen by a third since 2004 as cities from New Orleans to New York have formed serious competition. Las Vegas captured 5.7 percent of the American wedding market in 2004 compared to only 4.4 percent in 2010, although this hasn’t prevented Denny’s from getting in on the act.

The date 12-12-12 comes only once in a century. As such, triple-digit weddings are seen as a lifeline for an industry that is considered in decline.

“From a marketing perspective, it’s a very big deal. Numbers are associated with Vegas,” said Ann Parsons, marketing director for Vegas Weddings, to the AP. “Unfortunately, it’s the last date like that we’ll have.”

Many couples consider it lucky to get married on matching triple number date. According to The New York Times, 12-12-12 is the the last such triple-date likely to occur in the lifetimes of any prospective honeymooner. Weddings for lucky 07-07-07, which gamblers will recognize as the numbers for a lucky slot machine winner, broke Las Vegas records. 10-10-10 and 11-11-11 were in close pursuit. During those time periods, Clark County, which includes Las Vegas, “issued licenses to 4,333; 3,090; and 3,342 couples. The total for an average month would be about 7,500.”

12-12-12 will not be the last opportunity for Las Vegas to make a killing. Vegas Chapels are already starting to market “Armageddon Wedding” packages for December 21, 2012. While not a triple-number date, the end of the Mayan calendar is believed by many to portend the end of the world.

This writer for one does not believe that the date of the wedding makes any difference. My wife and I were married on April 14, the night of the sinking of the Titanic, and, so far, our marriage has been smooth sailing. Do you have any special plans for 12-12-12? Besides being among the billions wanting to watch the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert in HD, that is…