‘Pokemon GO’ Anniversary Includes A Cute Surprise

In July, 2016, the virtual reality game Pokemon GO hit app stores internationally, creating a temporary sensation. One year later, the company behind the game, Niantic, has announced an anniversary event for players.

From July 6 through July 24, fans playing the game can catch or hatch Pokemon who are wearing Ash Ketchum’s signature hat. Although the initial announcement only revealed Pikachus would be wearing the hat, players have reported finding Raichus and other Pokemon species, including Pichus, bearing the adornment in-game.

“It’s hard to believe that Pokémon GO launched just a year ago, and what an amazing year it’s been! … Throughout this incredible journey, you’ve caught over 125 billion Pokémon and made countless memories along the way. But there are many more adventures still to come,” Niantic said in a statement released Thursday about its anniversary celebrations.

Pokemon Go special bonus anniversary [Image by Olivia Harris/Getty Images]

Many fan boards are hoping that the anniversary event will include releasing new shiny Pokemon, Express reported. Shiny Pokemon are Pokemon with special alternative color schemes, which are rare to find and are often collected by avid players.

Niantic also announced that as part of the anniversary, a new item, the Anniversary box, would be available in shops in the game at a discounted price of 1,200 coins. The box includes six egg incubators, six max revives, 20 ultra balls, and two raid passes. According to Polygon, the discount is limited, and the anniversary box is more expensive than purchasing the contents inside it individually if you disclude the raid pass.

A number of events will be taking place internationally over the next two months to celebrate Pokemon GO’s anniversary, including Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago later this month. The company has promised events in Europe and Japan. Niantic is also planning to bring a real-life game of Pokemon GO to historical locations in Chester, England, on July 22-23, allowing participants to join in trail activities.

Pokemon GO Enthusiasts
Pokemon GO Enthusiasts anniversary [Image By Alexander Koerner/Getty Images]

Rumors abound that a legendary Pokemon may be available during the Chicago festival, Forbes reported. However, many have noted that the celebrations appear to be limited in scope, and expect Niantic to announce more events, surprises, and releases over the coming weeks.

[Featured Image By Olivia Harris/Getty Images]