July 5, 2016
Air Force One: Donald Trump Protests Hillary's Ride With President Obama

Donald Trump doesn't approve of Hillary Clinton sharing Air Force One with President Obama. Not surprisingly, he's taken to his infamous Twitter account to share his displeasure with the world.

Donald Trump used the social media communication platform to rant about Clinton's Tuesday ride on Air Force One alongside the president. Repeatedly. The presumptive Democratic nominee is riding along in the first aircraft as President Obama's guest as the pair travel to a joint campaign appearance in Charlotte, North Carolina, reports USA Today.

Donald Trump has taken to referring to Clinton as "Crooked Hillary," and he's ranting about her ride on Air Force One. In his internet tirades, he's also asking his supporters who's footing the bill for the former Secretary of State to ride next to Obama.

While Donald Trump (predictably) got irate on social media about the shared Air Force One trip, the fact of the matter is that the White House has a protocol in place for dealing with just such scenarios. If the Obama administration handles the Hillary Clinton Air Force One ride in the same manner that such trips have been dealt with in the past, the White House will split the cost of the trip with the Clinton campaign. Final allocations will be determined at a later date.
Despite Donald Trump's raving, presidential candidates have taken rides on Air Force One with sitting presidents before. Many, many times. It is far from unusual for a president to endorse their party's nominee and share trips on the famous aircraft.
The White House released a statement about the Clinton/Obama Air Force One ride, outlining the protocols that have been enacted to handle situations such as Tuesday's Air Force One trip.

"As in other Administrations, we follow all rules and regulations to ensure that the DNC or other relevant political committee pays what is required for the President to travel to political events."

Despite the logic of the White House's Air Force One explanation, it's unlikely that Donald Trump will recant his public shaming of the trip. It's equally unlikely that the White House's words will placate the former reality TV star or stem the release of future complaints. Indeed, Trump has been very vocal about Hillary Clinton's campaign spending despite allegations that many of his own campaign dollars reportedly end up being spent at businesses owned by Donald Trump.

In response to a recent public records request, the Air Force released data on Air Force One operating costs. According to the report, it costs roughly $206,000 per hour to operate Air Force One. Interestingly, the length of the Clinton-Obama trip is expected to be about an hour.

It's also worth noting that despite Donald Trump's ire, "Crooked Hillary" won't use Air Force One for a return trip to Washington, D.C., alongside President Obama. Rather, Clinton will be going her own way after the North Carolina event and heading to Atlantic City for a campaign rally that is scheduled to happen there on Wednesday.

Obama has already publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, much to Donald Trump's chagrin. However, this is the first time that the president will be hitting the campaign trail with Clinton.

The Obama/Clinton campaign stop has far more significance than an Air Force One trip or a Donald Trump rant. Charlotte, North Carolina, is where President Obama was re-nominated to the presidency by the Democratic Party in 2012.
Donald Trump is also expected to make an appearance in North Carolina on Tuesday. He is scheduled to speak in Raleigh alongside Republican Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee. Corker is rumored to be on Trump's VP shortlist.

What do you think? Is Trump correct to complain about Obama sharing an Air Force One ride with Hillary, or is ranting about the costs of an Air Force One trip just another diversion being utilized by Donald Trump to avoid talking about the real issues facing the U.S.?

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]