‘BB19’: Blindsided Jillian Parker Slams ‘Selfish’ Houseguests, Says They’ll Get Rid Of Christmas Abbott Soon

Big Brother 19 evictee Jillian Parker is not feeling the Christmas spirit. On the heels of her Thursday night elimination blindside, the short-lived Big Brother player says she’s furious at her former housemates for lying to her about how the eviction vote would play out. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jillian said she was assured that the vote against fellow chopping block nominee Christmas Abbott would be a tie and that Head of Household Cody would cast the deciding vote in her favor.

“I thought for sure it would have been a tie,” Jillian told THR.

“We talked about the votes a million times, literally. It would be a tie, and Cody would send Christmas home. When [Julie Chen] said 8 – 4, I couldn’t believe they played me.”

Parker told TV Guide she feels most betrayed by Big Brother housemates Alex Ow and Jason Dent, the two players she believes flipped their votes at the last minute.

“Yes, I feel SO betrayed by Alex and Jason and I can’t believe they did that,” she said. “I just have a really strong feeling it was them. I don’t even know what my face looked like, but I am so pissed.”


The ousted Big Brother houseguest admitted she thinks Christmas Abbott earned some sympathy votes due to her foot injury, and she said she thinks the move was “selfish” on the part of the other houseguests. Jillian thinks Christmas’ injury, which occurred when she was horsing around in the yard with Jason Dent, made the other players think she won’t be a threat in physical competitions, and that’s what earned her the votes.

“I think that everybody in the house is selfish and they just want one less person to compete against who can also be a vote,” Jillian said.

Still, Parker thinks the houseguests are smart enough to send Christmas packing before she’s able to fully recover from her injury.

“I think that her recovery time is so long…they will get rid of her in a little while,” Jillian predicted. “However, if she stays and heals, she’s super fit, strong and kicks a**. I don’t think they’ll keep her that long, though.”


As for whom she would target if she were still a player in the Big Brother house, Jillian said returning Big Brother player Paul Abrahamian would be at the top of her hit list — except he has that Pendant of Protection that keeps him safe for the next few weeks. With Paul’s guaranteed safety, Parker revealed she would target scheming houseguests Mark Jansen and Dominique Cooper.

“Mark is playing a few sides and I just want to put them on blast,” Jillian told THR.

While Jillian’s days in the Big Brother house are seemingly over, longtime host Julie Chen didn’t deny that there could be another battle-back twist that brings evicted houseguests back into the game.

“Expect the unexpected,” Chen told THR.

Then again, she says that every season.

Take a look at the video below for more on the elimination that Jillian Parker — and Big Brother fans — didn’t see coming.

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