Melania Fails Mission At G20 Summit Thanks To Trump And Putin

It appears that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin had a lot to talk about after their scheduled 30-minute meeting lasted well over two hours — two hours and 16 minutes to be exact. With other things on President Trump’s plate Friday morning, the U.S. officials who came along with Trump on this trip conjured up a ploy to end this meeting as it rounded hour one. This ploy was to send in a closer to break up that meeting, and as fate would have it, the person they had in mind was available due to unforeseen events that left an opening in her schedule.

Melania Trump wasn’t able to attend the events that were slated for the spouses of the world leaders at the G20 Summit. It is not that she backed out of the events, but it was the dangerous protests going on at the time that prompted law enforcement officials in Hamburg to make the decision to have the first lady stay in place. She was literally stuck in her hotel for most of the morning, missing a river cruise and a visit to a climate lab that the spouses of the world leaders were scheduled to attend, as reported by the Inquisitr.

It was late morning when the coast was clear and Melania was transported to the G20 summit to meet her husband. When she arrived he wasn’t available as that 30-minute meeting with Putin had run into an hour by this time. This meeting only had a few participants, according to The Hill. Besides Trump and Putin, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and two interpreters were in the room while this meeting occurred.


When Melania Trump arrived looking for her husband, he was still in the meeting. By now this meeting had doubled in time from the original 30 minutes that was originally slated for the two very powerful world leaders to meet. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson later told reporters that the officials conjured up a ploy to break up the meeting, according to the Daily Mail.

The idea was to send in Melania as the closer of this meeting. The officials thought that sending Melania in might break up the meeting that had already gone on for longer than it should. They sent Melania into the room around hour one and they waited. By hour two, they were pretty sure that Melania had failed in her mission as a closer. The officials went in an hour after they sent Melania in.


The meeting didn’t break up until Trump and Putin had spent two hours and 16 minutes together. Then Melania was introduced to Putin and reports indicate they each had a warm smile for one another.

The first lady is 5 feet 11 inches tall, and while shaking hands with Putin the difference in their height was extremely obvious, according to reports. Melania towered over the Russian president. Putin’s 5-foot-6-inch frame had him looking up at Melania Trump.

[Featured Image by Markus Schreiber/AP Images]