Ivanka Trump Security Scare: Armed Man Claiming To Be Senator Arrested At Trump Tower

Ivanka Trump was reportedly the target of a New York man who showed up at Trump Tower decked out in a bulletproof vest and armed with two knives on Thursday. Members of the U.S. Secret Service say that the man told them that he was there to meet with Ivanka about her clothing line. He also reportedly falsely claimed to be a U.S. Senator.

At one point, the man, whose name is listed as Sixto Benitez Adames in records, even claimed to own Trump Tower, according to the New York Police Department.

As ABC News reports, the potentially threatening Ivanka Trump visitor was eventually identified as 52-year-old Benitez Adames of the Bronx. In addition to being armed with two knives that have been identified as “small,” the man seeking an audience with Ivanka was also carrying a “tied-off sock with a weight in it.”

Despite his attempts to breach Trump Tower security and get close to Ivanka, Adames didn’t make it very far. He was quickly apprehended by the Secret Service and ultimately arrested by the NYPD for his bizarre and disturbing attempt to visit with Ivanka under false pretenses. At this time, it is unknown why he was truly trying to get so close to Ivanka Trump.

As New York Daily News reports, Secret Service became aware of a potential threat when they realized that Adames Benitez had something on under his shirt. It turned out to be ballistic gear (i.e., a bulletproof vest). What’s more, the publication has identified the two “small knives” the suspect was packing when he tried to see Ivanka Trump as “throwing knives.”

At the time of his arrest, Benitez was also allegedly carrying a fake New York identification card.

After being taken into custody, the suspect was transported to Weill Cornell Medical Center to be psychologically evaluated. He is also facing charges of criminal possession of a weapon and possession of a forged instrument for his possession of a fake New York State identity card in connection with his attempt to see Ivanka Trump under false pretenses.

So far, neither a mugshot, nor information about possible legal representation for the suspect has been made publicly available.

While the Thursday incident involving Ivanka Trump and an armed man was a bit of a security scare, as well as a testament to the dedication of the U.S. Secret Service, the first daughter was never in any danger. Ivanka Trump was not in the building, and, in fact, was nowhere near Manhattan at the time of the incident; she is currently traveling in Europe with the president.

[Featured Image by Jacquelyn Martin/AP Images]