‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Milo Back to ‘GH’ Soon — Will He And Max Take Over Corinthos Cartel?

General Hospital spoilers and rumor patrol took notice when Drew Cheetwood (aka Milo Giambetti) shared a photo and hashtag on Instagram that revealed he was back to GH soon. Judging from Drew’s IG post, Milo is coming back to Port Charles. There’s one current storyline that would be perfect for Milo and Max Giambetti (Derk Cheetwood) – and it’s all about the Port Charles mob scene.

Drew revealed Milo’s return to General Hospital

Last week, on July 1, Drew shared on Instagram an image of an old ABC Soaps in Depth cover with the headline “Has Dante Lost Lulu To Milo?” from May 2013. The photo wasn’t the big GH spoiler, though. Drew captioned it, “Soapy Saturday at my parents today,” but it was the next line that was the hot General Hospital spoilers news.

Drew added, “See you soon Port Charles,” and then hashtagged it with #abc, #GH, and #MiloRidesAgain.

When GH fans expressed concern that Milo was back to break up Lulu and Dante, Drew teased them by saying, “Guys, relax, Lulu is SO happy with Dante! Or is she??”

The important part of this exchange is that Drew is coming back to Port Charles soon and he personally offered the General Hospital spoiler confirming Milo’s return. The younger Giambetti brother is coming back, and there’s a great storyline opportunity based on what’s happening right now with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard).

Will Sonny give the cartel to the Giambettis?

We know from GH history that both Max and Milo are Sonny’s trusted associates. Since Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) doesn’t want to get involved again with criminal activities, there’s a power vacuum coming to the Port Charles crime scene. Jason warned Sonny that he couldn’t just walk away and he had to plan carefully.

This week on General Hospital, Sonny told Jason that he had to choose a successor but knows it can’t be Jason. Sonny wants to make sure everyone stays safe as he transitions out of the mob. The problem is, Jason might be considered a threat by whoever takes over because of his past. Sonny must carefully think before he decides who takes over his illegal interests.


Sonny made a call – was it to Milo or Max?

At the end of the Thursday, July 6, GH episode, Sonny made a phone call that seemed very important. He said to the person on the other end of the call that he had a job for them. It could have been Max or Milo that Sonny called or someone else like Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). But Max or Milo would be an intriguing option that General Hospital fans would love.

Since Max and Milo don’t seem to have a problem being active on the wrong side of the law, they would be perfect contenders to take over the Corinthos cartel and make it the Giambetti crime family. With their Italian last name, it just sounds like a Godfather-type situation. The Giambetti brothers are the best choice for Sonny’s successor to run the Port Charles crime syndicate.


Five reasons why Milo and Max should take over the mob for Sonny

  1. Milo and Max would make sure that Port Charles didn’t erupt into a mob war.
  2. The Giambetti brothers would keep Sonny and Jason and their families safe.
  3. Max and Milo already know the business and can take over immediately.
  4. Max is dating Diane, so the Giambettis already have a mob lawyer hook-up.
  5. The Giambettis aren’t dirty rotten scoundrels like other past GH mob families.

When was the last time we saw Max and Milo on GH?

It was very noticeable at the General Hospital Nurses Ball this year that there was no Magic Milo routine and some fans were disappointed. The last time big Max was on GH was in November 2016, but his name gets dropped so frequently that we assume he’s a constant presence outside Casa Corinthos. And it was way back in May 2016 that we last saw Milo.

Whatever brings back Milo and Max, GH fans should be happy to see them. It might be that the Giambetti brothers will take over Sonny’s criminal cartel. That seems the safest option for everyone since Sonny, Jason, and both their families could be at risk if an unknown player moves in and takes over the Port Charles mob power vacuum that Sonny’s departure leaves.

Next week on General Hospital, spoilers say Sonny makes a move into legitimate business and invites Jason to join him. We’ll see what happens and whether Sonny’s big plan works out and if he can finally get out of the mob on GH.

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