Trump Handshake ‘Ignored’ By Polish First Lady Is ‘Fake News,’ Polish President Andrzej Duda Says

The Polish president is reacting to headlines that his wife ignored President Trump’s handshake onstage Thursday during a public appearance in Warsaw. President Andrzej Duda took to social media to blast reports that his wife, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, “snubbed” Donald Trump’s handshake by first greeting Melania Trump. Video of the incident immediately spawned reports that the Polish first lady was ignoring Trump’s handshake. The look on the president’s face appeared to be that of embarrassment.

“Contrary to some surprising reports my wife did shake hands with Mrs and Mr Trump @POTUS after a great visit,” Duda tweeted. “Let’s FIGHT FAKE NEWS.”

Footage of Agata greeting Melania and not reciprocating President Trump’s handshake at first was widely circulated on social media. Extended footage shows the first lady shaking Trump’s hand after her exchange with Melania. While the two presidents were shaking hands, Agata wanted to welcome Melania. Before she could get to Melania, Trump was ready to shake her hand. The moment was brief in which the Polish first lady missed Trump’s outstretched hand, but was notable enough to garner headlines.

All of the hoopla surrounding that moment was enough to spark a reaction from President Duda. Like Trump, he’s referring to the term “fake news” in expressing his protest to the notion that his wife purposely ignored Trump’s handshake.

Daily Mail reports that CNN’s Chris Cillizza initially posted a shorter version of the video and later apologized when he realized that wasn’t a conscientious snub on Agata’s part. He tweeted later that he “laughed” at the video, but “there probably wasn’t an intent. I think Trump was out of her line of sight.”

The CNN reporter continued that it was a “funny video of a misunderstanding! Nothing more! The same thing has happened to me a billion times!”

President Trump has touted CNN as the main offender of “fake news.” He continues to scold news organizations for being dishonest and negative in their reporting on his presidency.

It looks like Trump has an ally in President Andrzej Duda in fighting fake news after the handshake headlines erupted.

[Featured Image by Alik Keplicz/AP Images]