Rob And Chyna Drama: The Famous Kardashian Says He May Have Gotten Her Pregnant

Is Dream going to have a little brother or sister? Although the answer is unclear at the moment, Rob Kardashian does seem to be worried about the possibility.

Rob Kardashian’s Instagram and Twitter rant regarding his ex started yesterday when he exploded over a video Blac Chyna had sent of her kissing another guy. After that, Rob became irate and started to claim that his ex was a drunk and a drug abuser. Kardashian also stated that he had paid for $100,000 worth of plastic surgery for her to get her pre-baby body back.

According to the famous sock designer, he and Blac Chyna are not together, but they have regularly been sleeping together. However, he also says that she has been sleeping with other men in the house, sometimes while Dream is there.

The reality TV star got personal with the details of their sex life, stating, “At least I smashed first but I’m hoping I didn’t get U pregnant again when u told me to c*m inside u.”

The Hollywood Gossip notes that if Blac Chyna does have multiple sexual partners, it is likely she is using birth control. However, Rob made it obvious that he slept with her unprotected without actually knowing if that was the case or not.

Hopefully, the pair won’t be expecting another baby anytime in the future, especially since there seems to be a nasty legal war between the former couple on the horizon.

According to reports, it may be possible for Kris Jenner, Rob’s famous mother, to gain custody of Dream. Although some are doubtful social media could play a big role in the battle for ultimate custody, it may prove that the parents aren’t acting in Dream’s best interest due to their behavior toward one another.

Rob may also face criminal or civil charges from Blac Chyna after posting naked photographs of her to prove that he paid for her plastic surgery. The unsolicited pictures featured her vagina, butt, and breasts, and can be classified as revenge porn. Under California law, he can face up to six months in jail for the posts.

Blac Chyna is currently seeking a restraining order against her ex, but there is no word so far on the custody battle that will most likely ensue.

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