New York Knicks Trade Rumors: Deal In The Works With Boston Celtics For Marcus Smart?

New York Knicks trade rumors have the team expressing interest to the Boston Celtics about Marcus Smart. Could the Knicks and Celtics work out a trade to land Smart in New York during the NBA offseason? Both franchises have been very busy in the past month, with the Knicks also in hot pursuit of free agent Tim Hardaway Jr. (again).

A report by Newsday Sports confirms the interest in Marcus Smart, as the Knicks are looking for playmakers to help rebuild the roster. The Celtics may look to deal Smart in an effort to save some salary cap space needed to acquire Gordon Hayward this offseason. It would be a bold move for a team that also just traded Avery Bradley to the Detroit Pistons. Smart averaged 10.6 points and 4.6 assists per game for the Celtics last year, with most of his playing time coming off the bench.

While these New York Knicks trade rumors certainly would make sense for the team, it is very unclear how far negotiations have progressed with the Boston Celtics. It’s possible that it still hasn’t moved beyond the Knicks exploring the cost and availability of Marcus Smart. The Knicks aren’t the only team that has inquired about Smart, as he could bring a lot of youth and energy to a new team.

Since Marcus Smart is a restricted free agent for the Boston Celtics following the 2017-18 NBA season, the team has to decide if he is part of the long-term plans of the franchise. If he is not, then the team is more likely to deal him this offseason, especially if it means that they can avoid paying any luxury tax penalties after absorbing the contract of Gordon Hayward. Losing Smart and Bradley in the same offseason might be tough on the coaches.

The Knicks also seem very intent on signing Tim Hardaway Jr. to a new contract, despite having dealt him away previously. Hardaway was traded in an effort to land Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls, which is a deal placed squarely at the feet of Phil Jackson. It appears that Hardaway doesn’t hold it against the organization and that he would be pleased to come to the team again. If the New York Knicks trade rumors lead to Marcus Smart joining Hardaway, then the team could have a lot of weapons on offense to finally help out Carmelo Anthony.

[Featured Image by Jason Miller/Getty Images]