Fidget Spinners Gone Wild: Woman Creates Fidget Spinner Nipple Pasties

Fidget spinners aren’t just for fingers anymore. The fidget spinner craze is starting to spin out of control as fans of the fad toys find more and more unusual ways to use them.

According to the Daily Dot, the whirling gadgets have been used to create X-rated videos, and this bizarre new genre of pornography is growing in popularity. Pornhub, one of the web’s top purveyors of adult content, told Men’s Health that it has seen a recent spike in searches for the term “fidget spinner.”

Now that sexualizing the toys has become trendy, the creator of “Fidgetiddies” is giving them a soft-core makeover. A Twitter user named Manuela has used them to make spinning nipple pasties, much like the tasseled versions worn by burlesque performers. However, her Fidgetiddies take less effort to spin; with the flick of a finger, they rotate like helicopter blades. Manuel shared a video of the nipple pasties in action on her Instagram page, and she made it clear that she already knows that some people aren’t going to embrace her wacky invention.

“Hi everyone i have been working on something that absolutely no one asked for,” she wrote.

Manuela is asking anyone who wants to purchase Fidgetiddies to contact her via direct message on Twitter. For those who want to create their own fidget spinner nipple pasties, she’s filmed a how-to video.


According to Manuela, she creates her Fidgetiddies using nude-colored nipple covers purchased at Target, “nipple-shaped” pieces of Velcro, and fidget spinners. She attaches the fidget spinners to the nipple covers with Velcro instead of glue so that the toys can be removed and used for the purpose they were designed for.

If you decide to make your own, don’t use fidget spinners that require batteries; you might end up with a piping-hot nipple cover melting on your breast. According to Gizmodo, some of the fad toys are bluetooth-enabled with speakers, and their internal batteries have caused them to explode. There have been at least two reported incidents of the toys bursting into flame, both occurring when they were plugged into electrical outlets to charge their batteries.


Those with a little money to burn may want to consider creating their Fidgetiddies using the most expensive fidget spinners that money can buy. According to Mashable, a Russian jewelry company called Caviar has created the world’s priciest fidget spinner, a gold-plated version of the novelty item that will set you back about $16,800. However, while gold fidget spinners might look fancier than the cheap plastic toys that Manuela uses to make Fidgetiddies, they’re probably a bit too heavy to wear as nipple pasties.


[Featured Image by Khosro/Shutterstock]