‘DOOL’ Spoilers: Lucas Adams On Tripp’s ‘Serious Identity Crisis’, Teases Good Things Are Coming

DOOL spoilers tease that Jade Michaels (Gabrielle Haugh) will cause more trouble for Kayla Johnson (Mary Beth Evans). What makes it worse is that she is using Tripp Dalton to do it. In an interview published in the latest issue of CBS Soaps In Depth, Lucas Adams talks about Tripp’s “serious identity crisis.” He also teased that good things are coming.

Days Of Our Lives spoilers might be ahead. If you don’t want any clues on what will happen next, then do not continue reading.

Fans can tell that Tripp Dalton is a good person. Unfortunately, he hasn’t had the easiest life. Add Jade Michaels to the mix, and it’s no wonder he is determined to get revenge. Lucas Adams shared his perspective on the character he plays on DOOL.

“Tripp’s a good kid who’s had a lot of bad things happen to him, and he wears that on his sleeve. But then, he also has very high walls built up that people have to knock down just to get to him.”

When Days Of Our Lives fans first met Tripp, he was working in a diner and got into a physical fight with his former boss. However, he was defending someone else. That was the first example of how bad things happen to him. Steve “Patch” Johnson (Stephen Nichols) happened to be in the right place at the right time in order to defend Tripp’s actions to the police.

Right now on the NBC soap opera, Jade has led Tripp to believe Kayla killed Ava. However, that isn’t true at all, but he doesn’t realize that yet. When speaking of Tripp’s quest for revenge, Adams explained what is going through the young man’s mind.

“He’s trying to pull the lambskin off the wolf and expose the wolf to all the sheep and I think he’s willing to go as far as he needs to [in order to accomplish that].”

Lucas also made it clear that Tripp does have a moral compass, but he is very sad. He was eager to meet his birth mother. Finding out Ava died was devastating. Making the situation even worse was finding out she was murdered. He feels the only chance he had to meet his mom was stolen from him. Jade is using this to her advantage to get Tripp to make Kayla pay without having to get her hands dirty. Unfortunately, Tripp is choosing to listen to Jade rather than his inner voice.

As for the future of Tripp, good things are coming. With the news that Gabrielle Haugh is leaving Days Of Our Lives, Jade won’t be around for much longer. Fans are hoping when Jade leaves Salem, that it might mean Tripp and the Johnson family can heal and focus on really getting to know one another.

“My favorite plotline is not going to air for a bit. The whole ordeal is just really cool.”

What do you think of what Lucas Adams revealed about Tripp on DOOL?

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