Trump Labeled ‘Whack Job POTUS’ By Podesta After Hearing He Was Talk Of G20 Town

Trump's surprise tweet prompts John Podesta to call the president a "Whack Job"

Donald Trump has not let his tendency to share unfiltered tweets fall by the wayside while on his overseas trip. He is keeping his millions of Twitter followers abreast of the situation as it unfolds with tweets that are typical of Trump, nothing is sugar coated.

On Friday morning Trump tweeted that he was surprised by what “everyone” at the G20 Summit is talking about and that tweet traveled across the world instantly causing John Podesta to pull over in his car and reply to what Trump had said, calling the President of the United States of America a “whack job.” His tweet called Trump “our whack job POTUS.”

This news from one of Trump’s tweets was not only unexpected, but it also packed quite a surprise. Trump tweeted, “Everyone here is talking about why John Podesta refused to give the DNC server to the FBI and CIA. Disgraceful!”

According to NPR News, people were taken back a bit by what they were hearing from Trump in that tweet. The G20 Summit is a place where Trump was scheduled to join in on talks with other world leaders. With the important world issues on this G20 Summit agenda, talking about Podesta, who was Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign chairman, was a surprising topic to come up, suggested NPR.

The president met with Vladimir Putin for more than 2-hours today and this global economic conference will consist of topics like trade and climate, which are reportedly on the table to discuss. The protests escalated and became dangerous at one point in time, as people were injured.

According to Fox News live on Friday afternoon “200 police officers have been injured” in the fighting going on within the protests. So when Trump tweeted about Podesta, it was a surprise to folks that this was one of the topics discussed by the world leaders.

This tweet not only surprised the general public, but it was a surprise to John Podesta as well. He sent out a rapid round of tweets expressing his thoughts on what Trump had to say about him, as seen below in the series of seven Podesta tweets.

Podesta tweeted seven times back at Trump after getting wind of his name being brought up at the G20 Summit along with the revelation that now “everybody” is talking about him. The other news that is coming out of Trump’s stay in Germany has to do with First Lady Melania Trump. The protests are getting in the way of Melania and the other spouses of the world leaders to partake in events scheduled for them.

According to CNN News, those protests have gotten so dangerous that Melania Trump was stuck in her hotel room because the Hamburg Police couldn’t provide safe passage for Melania to leave that spot. She will miss the G20 Summit events that are planned for the spouses of the world leaders who are attending this summit.

Trump and Putin had a very “robust” meeting and Putin denied Russian involvement. According to Fox News live, Trump was given an invitation to visit the country of every world leader he engaged in private meetings with exception of one, Vladimir Putin. But as Fox points out, Trump didn’t invite Putin to the U.S either.

Melania Trump finally did make it out of that hotel room and she was introduced to Putin during the last few minutes of the Trump-Putin meeting. One side-note on the Melania-Putin greeting, First Lady Melania stands at 5-foot-11 inches and she towered over the 5-foot-6 inch Putin, according to the Daily Mail.”

[Featured Image by Patrick Semansky/AP Images]